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Help!!! white cotton stuff growing on my cichlid

Hi every one. I really need some serious help for my parrot is in the tank with 7 other various sizes of cichlids, one arowana, and one Plecostomus. I have had it about one year now. It never had any illness or so ever. it is the first time that it got something unusual. I do not have much knowledge about fish disease. I have done some digging on the internet. I was not sure the information that i found would apply to my fish. anyway. The problem started about three weeks ago. it started swollen with reddish on nostril part. so I did not pay so much attention to it. I thought it would go away with adding more salt and higher temper. That is what i did. Apparently, the illness has not gone away. On the other hand, the problem got worst when i came home tonight. It's nostril got swollen very bad and has grown some white cotton stuff inside as well. The fish still can eat food. I dont know what is best medication to give it to. Please help me to cure it! - delete




Hi can you post a picture?

Start doing daily 15-20% water changes. Also add "heal all" treatment to your tank (do a 1 week treatment),remove your carbon filter when treat with "heal all". It sounds as if your fish has some fungus, but a picture will help to confirm. It can also be a bacterial infection and if there is a wound, fungus can start growing, the above treatment can help for this as well.

Also see the site for "Hole in the Head" for this you might need stronger medicyn and treat then in a hospital tank. This desease is caused by some parasitic infection (Hexamita). Around the eyes and nostril small white lesions will start forming and growing bigger due to additional bacterial and fungal infections to these lesions. These small white lesions can spread further to the lateral line. Because there may be multiple causes of this disease, the treatment usually consists of taking different approaches. The goal is to rid the fish of Hexamita, improve water quality, and improve vitamin/mineral supplementation and nutrition. You can treat Hole in the Head (Hexamita) with the antibiotic metronidazole (Flagyl) in a seperate treatment tank. Keep water quality excellent throughout treatment. Improving your fish nutrition with a variety of different food. Also remove any carbon filters with this treatment and make 100% sure of the dosage.

Thanks so much for the information. I am new to this website. so i dont know how to insert pic here. i post a photo link of my fish. Please check them out when you have time. I went to petsmart and bought "fungus cure" today. I put four packets in my 46 gallons tank. I am not sure whether it will do the trick or not. I will try to buy your recommendation tomorrow too. I hope all of these will cure the disease. Please let me know if you have any problem seeing the pics.

Hi It looks to me like a bacterial infection. (redness and swelling)
I will suggest a broad spectrum antibiotic ask your aquarium store. Remember to remove the active carbon filter when doing the treatment. I will suggest doing the treatment in a seperate tank with excellent water quality, the antibiotics can kill the good bacteria in your filter. Do a one week  treatment, and remember to give us some feedback.