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Gender Identification

Hello everyone,
I have just purchased two BP's I should have taken all three when I got them but I didn't. I would like to know how you determine their gender, the two that I have look different but are the same size I believe they are very young because they are about two and a half inches long they are small about the size of those bugeyed goldfish anyway I love them.

I have them in a 55Gal tank with my silver dollars I believe I will get rid of them because they are not friendly fish, (the silver dollars) they are very skiddish IE they spook easily. I think it is because of where they came from the the two older SD's came from a tank that was drained every thirty days or so; and they were phsically moved into this tall black trash can where they are held until the tank was cleaned and the water replaced, it more than likelky made those two that I got from there spook easily?

As a result the others have become the same way, I can't get too close to the tank even when I feed them, they swim around like someone is chasing them it is really frustrating for me. I wanted a tank with friendly inhabitants, what I have because of the two older fish is a tank of fish that I have to admire from a far they change the temperment of everything i put in that tank. I don't know what I am going tgo do the last two fish in there are my BP's I would like them to be friendly there are only six, SD's two Gharamis, a Pleco (Algee Eater) it looks like a cat fish to me with strips and spots I feed it Spirulina Disks, it has grown since I placed it in the tank almost two years ago.

The SD's (Silver Dollars) are growing also the BP's are the smallest of them all, as I said I believe they are very young. Plan on getting two or thgree more sometime soon... If anyone has a suggestion and an answer as to gender identification of the BP's (Blood Parrots) and what I should do about the silver dollars, I will greatly appreciate any suggestions.




the female will have a tube looking thing that comes out under her belly. it will be shaped like a straw. the male will have the same tube like thing, only it is shaped more pointy. the tip will be like a V for boy and a U for girl... lol.. funny description, i know.. :) welcome to the site! your bp's will be jumpy for a bit. give it time and they will start to beg for food and follow you around the room in their tank.. as for the other fish. never had a silver dollar... maybe they will calm down once they see how laid back the bp's are... but you have to be careful for them to nip at the bp's fins. bp's have a harder time defending themselves...

Dear Club member,

I wish to thank you for  the information, about the nipping thing the silver dollars are timid fish they don't fight or nip as far as I have seen I have had them for some time now. I started with them and old fish up at the VA (veteran’s administration) there was a tank in our lounge where we shoot pool and hung out with each other. I noticed that the tank had fish in it but was not being taken care of by any one person so it became my responsibility. I started buying fish the first ones were Ghramis (if it is spelt correctly?) they were sort of expensive and I notices they were being stolen there was at the time that I took over one large silver dollar. and that is where it all started with me. Purchasing fish from then on became fun they were pretty and the silver dollars were clannish they stuck together. after a coup[le years of having fish stolen and what have you my visits to the VA changed in 2008 I was there only once or twice a week so I decided to being my fish home.

I purchased a used 55Gal long from a friend whom is the superintendent in a high-rise building. There was nothing wrong with the tank except a couple chips in the glass that I repaired with an epoxy clay type substance but because the chips were on the outside of the tank it was perfectly safe for the fish to live in. I filled the tank and allowed it to set for about three weeks to a month and noticed there were no leaks. I then moved the tank into my room and placed it atop my CD cabinet where it remains today. I have had the silvers now well over four three years and two of them in my home I purchased the first two BP's for 20 dollars then last week I purchased two more relatively the same size, however darker ones than my original two and one has black spots and lines in his face and body, still I love them any way LOL. On that same day I also purchased a three inch Jack Dempsey really pretty fish, green with gold specks in lines over his body.

 I am thinking of getting a second tank for just the BP's and the Dempsey’s as I would like to get two or three more Dempsey’s (?) not sure. I will inspect the BP to see if I can determine their gender but yesterday the original two BP’S were kissing and dancing it was really spectacular. I videoed it just in case they never did it again, could you tell me what that was all about?

Well I guess I have chewed your ear off enough. I sincerely thank you for the information and hope that you will continue to answer my questions as I know that I will have many more.




I believe they are actually fighting. There is a video on youtube of BP's fighting and yes, it looks as if they are kissing and dancing.

Silver dollars are a little weird but kind of cool I have had two for at least 7 years. I did not know till recently 5-6 is the best amount because they school. They will never hurt anyone and pretty to watch. Occasionally one will flip out like it's aggitated. I think they are funny.