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TOOO exciting

have my 55 gal set up.. debating on what to put in... what kind of small fish can i place in to encourage cycling?


Parrot Fish....hehe

No thats a bad idea.

15-20 Rosey Red Minnows

the best thing to do is get 2 or 3 small fish that you really want. fish that are very hardy. if you only add 2 or 3 at a time and wait for the tank to cycle before you add more you should not lose them. start with 3 of a hardy fish like a daino or a black skirt tetra. wait about 2 weeks and add 2 or 3 more. wait again and add more it takes awhile but if you go slow and only add 2 or 3 at a time you can fill your tank without ever having a fish die and without having a lot of fish you dont want. i have done this many times. good luck

Or you could do that. Rosey reds are much cheaper and if they die its not big a problem because they are only $0.13.

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