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Companion for Parrots

I have recently placed two 4-inch red/orange parrots into a fully cycled 38-gallon (36L x 12W x 19H) tank with no other residents but 5 bloodfin tetras as dither fish. The parrots are active and appear to be doing well and will be transferred to a 55-gallon tank after they grow a little larger. I am considering adding a 4-inch angelfish (P. scalare) to the 38-gallon tank but I am reluctant to do so because the parrots may be too aggressive toward it. Would it be too dangerous to place the angelfish in with the parrots? Would you place ANY other fish in with the parrots?



no do not add more the tank is not big enough. why not move them now. if you have the bigger tank you should use it. the parrots will be happy in a bigger tank. you might be able to add an angel in the 55 but not much else. parrots and angels both get big. why not put the parrots in the 55 and keep the 38 for a pair of angels.

thats seems a logical idea, there are fish you could add to the parrots in a 55 gal, but they would need to be the right tankmates

Thank you for your advice shaz and femacle1. You both are recommending that I use the 55-gallon for the blood parrots. I agree. Both tanks have been cycled and in use for almost two years. I have given most of the fishes in the 38-gallon tank to neighbors, I've moved nearly all the fishes from the 55-gallon to the 38-gallon, which should easily handle the bio-load, and I'm currently housing the two blood parrots, the rather large angelfish, and 10 bloodfin tetras in the 55-gallon. While the results look spectacular, my only current concern is potential aggression by the parrots against the angelfish (or vice versa, though unlikely). I will monitor closely and take appropriate action if necessary. Thanks for your help.

i have kept parrots and angels with each other many times. all of mine like each other. i had 1 parrot and 1 angel pair up and i have had another parrot help care for a pair of angels eggs. they seem to get along very well to me. if the parrots get real big they might go after the bloodfins though. good luck.

I would not add angel fish with the blood parrots. We Have a 46 Gallon Bow Front with 6 Blood parrots and they are very aggressive. They will nip at the tails of your angel fish until they have none! I would recommend Jack Dempseys and Tin Foil Barbs. That we we have with ours. They all have to be fairly the same size though. Make sure they have plenty of hiding places because even though they get a long fairly well, they will still chase each other proving their dominance. I would also say not to add the fish though until you get a bigger tank. Good Luck!

Tanks: 46 Gallon Bow Front--6 blood parrot Cichlids, 1 Jack and 1 Tin Foil Barb, 1 Rhino Plecostomus
60 Gallon Corner Tank--3 Large African Cichlids, 1 Rhino Pleco (Very Aggressive so they live by themselves!)
30 Gallon Tank-- 1 Pink Convict, 1 Convict, 1 African Cichlid, 1 Bushy Nose Pleco, and some bottom feeders.

6 parrots would be aggressive if they were crammed into a 46 gallon tank.

6 parrots should not be in a 46 gal tank that is why they are mean. you should have them in no....and i mean.... no less then a 75gal. 90 to 125 would be better. if given enough space parrots are fine with angels and many other and smaller fish. i know this i have them at home and i own a pet shop and have kept them with many kinds of non aggressive fish.