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HELP!!! 1 parrot dead!!

I had 4 BPs in my tank and i looked at them thinking they were acting strage i come up after watching a movie to find 1 of them dead and 1 of the laying at the bottom of the tank trying to breath. I took the dead one out and i have the other one in a net moving him back and forth for maximum water flow to get water through his gills. My other 2 have devloped black areas they get when they get mad i think because of the dead one. all my other fish are fine(my angels barbs,ect) the 2 unharmed BPs seem fine excpert for the spots. I think it was from my dojo loach. He would come up and suck the slime off of my BPs but i dont know if that could have caused this. I took him out of the main tank and put him in my old breeder box i used for mollies in the past. As im typing he strgguled to get away from the net so i told my mom to let him out and he fell-swam to the bottom but is sitting up right so i hope this is a good thing. I have stress coat so i out som of that in there hoping that would help.


Am i right about what caused this?(loach) or is it from somthing else?? and any ideas on how to help them?? I will update in the morning to tell you have everyone is. I hope he makes it through the night


ps. the 1 that died was 1 1/2 and the one on the bottom trying to survive is the same age and the other 2 are about 7-12months. PLease help me i am already in tears ffrom the 1 dying.


Well its morning and my BP didnt make it. My other two still have the black on them but everry other fish in my tank is fiine including mt other BPs they are all acting normal and swiming around. Someone told me it could ve the anoniam levels but if all my other fish were fine excppt for the 2 how doese that work because wouldnt it affect all of them if it was that? please help!