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Parrot fish not eating

Hi there, I hope someone can help me as I am desperately worried about my parrot fish. I have had him for over 3 years and he has never had a problem with feeding until now. He is a very big parrot fish (8.5") and lives on his own in a 180L tank. He has not eaten for about two weeks now (he used to eat every day -  a mixture of flake food, Cichlid Gold pellets and frozen bloodworm and Cichlid Diet). Has anyone got any clues as to why he may have stopped eating?

We have had his water tested. The ammonia and nitrate levels were high at first but after treatment they have gone back down and his water is fine now. As well as not eating, he has become very shy all of a sudden, almost scared of us, and he was not like this at all before. He has always been quite aggressive. However, he does keep pushing the roof of his house off and attacking it aggressively so we have had to take his roof off so he now has nowhere to hide.

The only thing that coincides with this odd behaviour is that we did a 7-day algae treatment and this behaviour started after that.

Has anyone got any ideas? Help would be appreciated.




Have you examined the actual fish? I know a common problem with BPs is constipation, which can affect their diets. And if he's not feeling well, that can change his attitude substantially. Have you noticed if he's been pooping at all? If not, try putting some shelled, thawed frozen peas in the tank and seeing if he'll eat those. I've heard they help with constipation.

i lost one of my big parrots to bloat this year. she was behaving exactly like you described your poor fish.does your fish have stringy clear/white poo trailing out of her? get some epsom salts, if your in the uk 'king british' make a treatment called revitaliser tonic. give your fish a dose of this and it will get rid of excess water she is carrying in her belly. keep your water perfect and if you havnt already add aquarium salt (not table salt) as this also helps speed up the recovery. my poor fish went 20 days without food and sadly died. hopefully it wont come to this with your fish. hope this helped in some way.