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Should I buy one blood parrot?


I'm not a parrot cichlid owner (at least not yet) but registered here for some help deciding if I should become.
I have 2 goldfishes and I used to keep them in a 10gl tank, but now they got too big to fit in the tank and my parents bought a 16gl tank which is OK as we see. We (me and my parents) were thinking of the possibility that we'll keep the old 10gl tank, place it in my room and put other fishes inside. Some hours ago I and my dad went to the pet store to look for fishes to put in the old tank. That's when I saw that beutiful orange blood parrot cichlid and fell in love with it. It was full growed (but of course only young ones where avalable for purchase) and was following my finger! The store staff told us that all the blood parrots are following peoples fingers after a month or two of practicing and that it would be alright if I put only one fish in my 10gl tank.
Personaly I think they lied to us and that's why I'm asking for your help or advise. My questions are:
1.) Is it true that I can keep a little blood parrot in a 10gl tank?
2.) Is it true that most blood parrots like to follow peoples fingers' on the glass around or did the store staff say so only to impress me so that I'd make my dad buy the fish (I'm a 12 year old so I'm getting easily exited)?

Thanks in advance,



Check out this thread - it should answer your question.

An adult blood parrot needs at least a 30-40 gallon tank so if you can get a tank that big within 2-3 months then it would be ok to get one as long as its not bigger than an inch.

10 Gallon tank will only do for a few months while the baby is still small. It cannot be his permanent home. The bigger the better for the fish, 30-40 gallon tank like Chrisplosion said is the minimum for just 1 parrot. Mine is in a 55 gallon tank by himself. So if you decide to get a parrot fish, make sure your parents know that they'd have to upgrade to a larger tank in the very near future!

And YES they do follow your finger, they are smart fish. My husband taught him to do tricks by following his finger at first and now he does it on his own everytime he sees my husband in front of the tank, so yes they're smart and they're very pet-like and can be very responsive to you.

like they said you need a big tank for parrots at least 30 gals and bigger is better. if the tank is not big enough not only wil it make your parrot sick but he wont act happy. he wont want to play and look around. he will just hide and be sad. the ppl at the pet store either dont know what they should or they are lying to you. a lot of places just want to make money and realy dont care who gets hurt. hate to say it but it is true.

My dad says that when it gets bigger after somke months we'll buy a 20gl (60lt) aquarium... Will that be OK??

hmmm... I think the blood parrot will need at least a 30 gallon tank when he grows up. Ask your dad if it would be ok to get a 30 gallon instead of the 20 gallon tank in the future. If he's ok with that, then you're good to go!

Like we all say here: Blood Parrot gets really big and it wouldn't be fair for them to be trapped into a tank that's too small for him. And it's not healthy for them either. Wouldn't you want your Parrot to live at least the 10 years that they're supposed to live?

My dad says OK!:) We just came back from the pet store with my new blood parrot pet!:))) when it gets older we'll buy a 30gl tank! Thanks everybody for your help!!

You're welcome! Good luck with your new parrot and I hope you enjoy him for a long long time!

The blood parrot is the new goldfish in my opinion and we all have a different opinion. It has more personality than a goldfish I must admit. It depends on how big you want your fish to grow but I think it is a good start with a 30gal like many of the other folks have said.

you will enjoy parrot so much more!!