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oh dear i have a dilema

i have recently purchased 4 smashing parot fish (one blue, one pink, one green and one orange) The orange one (bruce) was and has been very agressive towards the others... today i have found out why!! bruce is actually a female and has laid her eggs (she's doing so now as we speak!) I've cornered off part of the tank so the others cant get to her and she seams fine..
My problem is we are moving this saturday.... how do i transport her without disturbing her and her eggs?
I can put the others into bags to move them but i dont want to upset her.

please help!

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i've just been reading up on this egg thing (on here)
do i have to alllow the others to fertilize her eggs? do i remove the screen so they can?
oh dear what to do?
please help!

remove the screen,I don't think they will hatch cause males are usually sterile ,i will be surprised if they don't eat them by Saturday, in fact if they haven't you should remove them yourself , parrots will lay eggs frequently, don't separate them because a part of the natural spawning behaviour is for at least one male to also protect the eggs too, PS your fish have been dyed, expect their colour to fade slowly, read up on dyed fish and please dont buy them next time, good luck with the move(dont forget to bag up all your gravel too)

They look like dyed blood parrot and not dyed jellybeans but if they are dyed jellybeans then they will hatch.

chrisplosion... i'm confused, and obviously new/nieave to this, what is the difference between a parrot and a "jellybean"? that will please the children if i start calling them jellybeans hehehe

Blood Parrots are the true breed of parrots. Jellybean Parrots are usually a cross between a Blood Parrot and a Convict. Jellybeans are usually dyed different colors(which is horrible) which is why they are called Jellybeans. But you can find undyed Jellybeans as well. Sometimes they will dyed Blood Parrots and call them Jellybeans but they are just dyed Blood Parrots. I think yours are dyed Blood Parrots.

These are Blood Parrots (all mine):

These are dyed Blood Parrots:

These are Jellybeans:

These are dyed Jellybeans:

You can also find Blood Parrots that have had their tails cut off and they are called Heart Parrots or Love Parrots and there are tattooed parrots called Lipstick Parrots.
Heart Parrot:
Lipstick Parrot:

You shouldn't buy any dyed fish, tattooed fish, or mutilated fish because its a horrible process. But you didn't know.

Oh i am really upset by the way they do that... how bloomin awful!!!
I must apologise to all readers that i was 'stupid' enough to get the fish literally for the colours.
Rest assure everyone, as much as they have had a terrible start to their lives, they will be looked after from now on!
I promise to learn more about my fishy friends and treat them with the attention they truly deserve!
I'm so sorry!

Its ok, everyone learns this at some point.

ive just looked at your pics... yup ive got jellybeans! but my orange one i think maybe similar to yours (bruce, who layed eggs)
thanks for the pics!

The orange one is a normal blood parrot. The other ones will turn orange or whitest pink. If you can get some better pics I can tell your what you have.

thank you so much Shaz,
I did remove the screen and the majority are gone this morning :-( I thought i was going to be a mumma! oh well..

You are so right with the colour fading thing, my green and pink one's are very pale, from when i bought them.. please can you advise me why you sugest not buying them in future... (it came about because my daughter wanted a pink fish!! and so i ended up with 4 as I enjoyed their colours)

They dip the fish in acid to remove their slime coat and they then dip them in dye and repeat the process. Many of the fish don't survive but the ones that do end up in the pet stores. Its horrible. they also sometimes cut the tails off with scissors so the body makes a heart shape. Also horrible.

Acid??? oh dear how bad do i feel now... what an awful thing to happen! well what ever colour they become as they age they will be well looked after and treated with respect. thank you for the information xx