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Black Slashed Golden Parrot Fish

I just bought a 3 inch Black Slashed Golden Parrot Fish from  They didn't provide much information about it, but said it was a "new strain" of parrot fish.  Has anyone come across this fish?  I received it, and it has an interesting black streak on both sides and a little of a black streak on its top fin.  The basic color of it is light peach.  If anybody has any other information of this so called "latest strain" of parrot fish, please write about it.

Also, I have a black parrot fish which, after owning it for about 8 months now, "still" hasn't changed colors.  It remains black most of the time.  Occasionally, it will look like a light peach color is trying to pop through, but then it goes back to being solid black again.  Do you think this parrot fish will ever change color, or will it always stay black?  I don't mind the black color.  He looks good next to the other bright orange and red parrot fish I have in the tank. 



I have a black one that i have had since March 3rd and she is turning orange now. And as I look at her right now I think she laying eggs, damn. I just started recording it so you can see what she looks like close up, she now 60% orange.

As for the fish, I think it might be a tattoo thing but maybe night, only time will tell. How was your experience with, I was thinking of maybe ordering from them.

I want to order one of these

How long from when you ordered it did you get it? How was the quality of communication. How much and which kind of shipping?

There IS a natural non-tattoo/dyed strain of parrot cichlids. I have two. One I have had since a baby, he was grey with black streaks as a baby and is now about 9 months old and is pale orange with very black streaks. This is not the usual "stress black" you see in many parrots that fades.

I also have a sub-adult that has the black, his photo is here

I've had him for quite awhile now and he hasn't changed a bit other than to double in size.

Tattooed and dyed parrots will have their black fade very quickly. Natural "calicos" markings will not fade or change.

If anyone finds information on these ,will they please share, i am passionately against dyeing and tattooing of all fish and would be interested to know

I posted a reply but for whatever reason it didn't show up...

I have had two black slashed, non-dyed parrots since they were babies. Neither one is dyed or tattooed. They are called "calicos" by most pet stores.

Gandalf was the normal grey/brown with black slashing as a baby. He has since turned a very pale orange, but his black is as vivid as it was as a baby and has not changed.

Splotch's black is gorgeous and very heavily patterned. Here is a link to a picture of him when I got him. He has since doubled in size and his black i unchanged.

This is different than tattoo or dye because it doesn't fade. ALL tattooed or dyed fish will fade, usually very quickly, to a pale washed out colour. This is also different than the black "stress spots" you see on parrots often because again, it doesn't fade and the pattern is unchanged and unmoving. When my parrots get black stress slashes, they are random in pattern and don't stay long.

Here is an example of a parrot with stress black. It faded by the next day.

This is a baby "calico" an adult he now has the same black (although it is darker) as in the photo, but his grey has turned pale orange

Here is a sub-adult parrot "calico" an adult, his colouration is still unchanged

Hope that helps! I can't give any insight as to WHY they are like they are, but I can prove they do exist naturally.

How old is the "Black Slashed" parrot? I had a baby that went through a phase similar to that, he's now a year old and only recently turned fully orange, but when I first got him he was the typical baby blood parrot, grey with black on the sides, the black eventually spread out making him solid black before it eventually and gradually turned to orange.

About a month after I bought him

and here he is now, about a year old