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What size fish tank do i need?

I am wanting and needing to upgrade my fish tank and i want to know what size i will need i have
4 blood parrot cihclids
3 angelfish
2 red glass barbs
2 plecos(i can trade when they get REALLY big for smaller ones)
1 Siamese algee eater
1 loach thing that is full grown at about 4inches and he is really skinny


i would say at least 90gals bigger if you can. i have 3 parrots and 4 severums 3 corys and 4 loaches in a 125 gal and i feel like it is overstocked. so i would say the bigger the better. 125 are a good size. big but not too big. i have a 240gal at the shop and i love it, but really it might be a bit much if i had it at home.

75 gallon absolute min. 90+ would be great.