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New to these awesome cichlids!

Hello Everyone!!!! Just joined the club and just go two new Red Parrot Cichlids. I have only had them for about 5 days but i think they are awesome!! I dont know if they are male or female if someone could tell me a way they found successful in sexing them that would be great since i know it is hard too. However, i was wondering how long i could keep my two cichlids Ben and Alex in the 10 gallon i have them in now. They are about 3 and a half inches and are looking healthy if you could tell me how to successfully sex them and if they should be ok in a 10 gallon until i have salvaged enough money to get a bigger tank without them getting uncomfortable in the 10 gallon. Thanks in advance!



The 10 gallon used to be a baby guppy breeder tank and i had like 30 of the little buggers! I sent the guppys to the pet store and bought Alex and Ben. Before all of that the tank had been set up for 6 months so it is well cycled and before i put Ben and Alex in i did a 50% water change and cleaned the gravel.

sorry to tell you this but you should never have been sold 2 blood parrots, they will need at least a 40 gall tank, unless you can get one quickly you should take them back,10 galls is what you should use as a hospital tank, I would guess a couple of weeks only and even then it could be chancy,the oldest, tattiest, grotty looking second hand tank on e bay would be better

What would happen if they stay in the smaller tank. I mean they have plenty of room as of right now and i could probably get a 40 gal but, other than the size of the tank they are healthy so far and are being fed a variety from frozen brine shrimp,beef heart,sinking pellets, blood and black worms.

well, you have had several replies and we are all saying the same thing, they need a bigger tank as soon as poss, I wouldn't wait, you have to decide whether you are going to be a owner who just keeps their fish alive or a fish keeper who tries to provide their fish with the best of everything,i think you will be the latter, just add some shelled thawed frozen peas to their diet(once a week), remember, these fish can grow big, quickly ,also they can live a long time, you wont want to part with them sand you def need that bigger tank, so what is the point of waiting,if you can get it now, I would! prices go up, this site can give you lots of help,

Well I would say a month to 2 months tops as long as he changed 5 gallons every 5-7 days ASSUMING they are 2 inches or under. I kept a baby 1 inch oscar and a baby 1 inch parrot in a 10 gallon together for a month. I change 5 gallon once a week until I moved them into the 75 gallon they are in now. The oscar is now 6 inches and the parrot 3 inches. But I wouldn't change it any longer than 2 months.

Now noticed they are 3+ inches I would say no longer than a month and 5 gallons every 3-4 days.

One parrot cichlid would need at least 30 gallons to survive comfortable on own, and with two of them you need a 55 + gallon tank ASAP. The faster you can get them in their permanent environment, the better off and longer they will live. They could live 10 plus years, i've seen some as old as 15! Good luck and hope you find a bigger tank soon!

sorry you do need a bigger tank. they grow to 10 to 12 inches and all though they are not the fastest growers out there they do grow fast. in a 10 gal tank they will be stunted. that means they grow on the inside and cant grow on the outside. it is very bad for them and some die fast from it. the ones that dont die fast get sickly and die very young. you say they have lots of room. lets say it was you. say you are the fish and your bedroom is the tank. you have lots of room in your bedroom. if you had to stay in it 24 hours a day 7 days a week with another person would you still think you had lots of room? guppys are very small and dont need a lot of room they never get bigger then an inch and a half. even though they never get that big you shouldnt have had more then 10 to 15 in a 10 gal. i bet they never got to be full size unless they were feeder guppies. it is a good thing that the tank is cycled though. i would change out about 3 gals of water every two or three days if i were you. good luck

Thank you everyone for commenting i will sure be looking on ebay, and looking in fish stores for a 40 gallon tank to 60 gallon tank. I am only 14 years old so i will try my best to get one as quick as I can. I have some fish experience besides guppies, I used to have a 29 gallon with different fish such as Bolivian Rams, Apistogramma Agazzi, and Discus(discus only 3inches big when bought and planned to by a 50 gal. soon,i only had 2) which i sold! And to answer to Femacle1 yes the guppies were feeder guppies, my sister had 2 feeder guppies and she got bored of them so i took them in when i had my 29 gallon and she had tons of fry, so I set up the 10 gallon as a nursery tank.

Petco was having a sale on tanks, $1 per gallon. I would look into it if you live in the US. Also craigslist is awesome for good deals.

yes feeder guppies breed very fast and you can keep a lot of them in a small tank. at least they cycled the tank for you. do try to get a bigger tank fast and look on craigslist like chris says you can find very very good deals there. i look in for sale and then put in fish or aquarium or fishtank but search each word by it self. sometime when you put in more words you find less. let us know how it goes. good luck. its nice that you are so young and trying to do the right thing.