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feeding peas

can any1 tell mehow to feed peas?

should i boil them before adding them to my aquarium. and also tell me the quantity of the peas?



get a bag of frozen peas and just thaw them in hot water. it will only take a min or two. then take the shell off. cut the peas up if they are too big for your parrot. i would only put in a few at a time. if they eat them all give more. you would want to feed about the same amount they eat of any other food. most ppl on this site say once a week is enough. most parrots like peas and will eat them right away.

do you feed them the shell of the pea or the part that was inside?

I feed the insides because when I feed the shell they just end up all over the tank. I think they can't digest it.

should i boil the peas?

no just thaw them out in hot water. it will only take a min. dont give them hot peas. dont give the shell just the inside.

why are you feeding pea's tot he fish? sorry new to the parrot fish and trying to understand why some things are done.

the forum member said it is to help them poop

due to this fish have a lot of defect

the logic behind this is to feed the peas which are at room temp. Not frozen and not boiled. It is fibrous and helps in digestions.... but not all fish will eat them... so if yours rejects the peas then dont worry.. its normal :)