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Pregnant Parrot

My blood parrot is about 8 years old. I raised her in a 25 gallon tank with only 3 other fish. About 2 months ago we got a 55 gallon tank and a younger parrot cichlid along with a yellow lab, a black convict, 2 african cichlids, a catfish, 3 silver dollars, 5 daninos, a blue gourami, 2 black mollies, an albino molly, and a red tail shark. They have lived together for the past 2 months perfectly fine. They all get along well and its a really nice community. My concern is that my 8 year old parrot seems to be pregnant. She has laid eggs in the past, just before we got the new tank she laid eggs and all were never fertilized. This time around we have alot more fish around her and it seems to be taking longer for her to release her eggs. She is at the point where it can be any day now. She hasnt ate in about 3 or 4 days, although she may eat at night (which I doubt) and she is hanging out at the top of our tank with her top fins above water. She's breathing fine and occassionally will swim to the other side of the tank and will act like she's being territorrial in the area where she's been hovering. Just wondering if this is normal and how long will it take for parrots to release their eggs?


i hate to be the 1st one to tell you but your tank has way way too many fish in it. you also have fish that should not be in the same tank. african cichlids... and a yellow lab is also an african... are very aggressive. they should not be kept with parrots or other less aggressive fish. you are saying that they get along well, but your parrot acting the way it is should tell you something is not right. she is scared and stressed. sooner or later the africans will kill almost everything you have in with them. you should take them out and put them in your 25gal. and that will be small for them when they grow. if you take them out the rest might be ok but silver dollars get big and so do gouramis. with 2 parrots and all the rest i would still say you would be overstocked. the small fish dainos and mollys just might turn into food for the bigger fish and the africans WILL eat and or kill them given the time. by the way parrots can lay eggs every 2 weeks when they have proper care. mine have never acted the way you say your parrot is acting. it is not egg laying it is stress. others on this site know more then me. they will be able to help you more. good luck.

For the past two months thought my parrots werent acting this way. They were normal, very intereacive, and happy. Just recently, like the past week, they have been acting funny. The little parrot (Willaby) hids most the time and comes out to go around the bigger parrot (Ustabe). Both parrots have a 'bloated' belly and the larger older one looks to be ready to lay eggs.

your parrot might be constipated. try feeding some shelled thawed out frozen peas. also when you 1st got all the other fish they were mostlikely smaller then they are now. as they grow the tank becomes more and more crowded. as they grow africans get more and more aggressive. my parrots always look kind of plump. i dont think they get much fatter right before they lay eggs. even my angels only get a little bigger right before they lay eggs and angels are thin fish.

we plan on giving the cichlids away to a friend when they get too big for our tank, and are my parrots going to eat the peas if they arent even eating anything else right now?

i just tried feeding her shelled peas and she isnt eating anything. not even interested. its really worrying me. she isnt even being territorial anymore, just doesnt care about the other fish around. Occassionally though she sell lundge at a fish but nothing real aggressive. She is moving around the tank but still continues to stay at the top and has her top fins out of water all the time. I love my fish and i've had her for a very long time. I dont know what to do anymore.

i would try to give them away as soon as you can. the africans i mean. stress can kill a fish. do a water change it might help. if you dont have any salt in your water you can try adding a little of that. if she isnt eating i dont know how you can make her. sometime when they are constipated the best thing to do is stop feeding for a few days but your other fish are going to get hungry and when africans get hungry they get mean. also keep in mind that she is getting older. alot of change and stress isnt good for young fish so it cant be good for old fish either. i guess you dont still have your old tank?

No i dont have that tank anymore, we do a weekly water change, 25%, and add the salt. We do that stresszyme a couple times a month too. We are looking at giving our daninos and mollies away, and an african cichlid or two...

I don't think you have a pregnant parrot but a stressed out parrot from the African cichlids. The usual symptom is to hang at the corner surface because of being harrassed by other fish. If you have enough hiding places, she will go in there.

Parrot fish is of American cichlid family and do not get along with African cichlids. I read that we are not to mix the two together due to water chemistry difference and also the temperament.