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My blood parrots laid eggs 2 days before on a stone inside the tank, they always stick around that stone what should i do now?

hello guys I'm new to site.
My blood parrots laid eggs 2 days before on a stone inside the tank, they always stick around that stone,
i have one texas,one firemouth and one pair of tinofoil in my tank.
I've already separate them from parrots B'coz parrots are trying to bite them.
now please tell me what to do with the eggs?
I'm a new owner of parrots and don't know much about them.
please tell me now what to do ...will they eat their eggs?
should i separate the eggs from parrots?
reply fast.



Not a lot is known about BPs and their parenting skills. The main problem you might have is your male being unfertile. If all the eggs turn white then you need to remove and discard them. This should happen within 24 hours of them being layed. If they turn a amber or any color other then white, your good. Since it sounds like your first batch of eggs I recommend leaving them be with the parents. The first spawn can tell you about how your fish will react in the future. Also giving you a chance to do more research if they are fertilized on how to care for your fry (baby fish). You can remove all other fish from the tank to remove stress from the parents if you have other tanks setup. If no other tanks are availible then there isnt much that can be done. Cichlids generally are good parents and will try their best to protect their eggs/fry. Agression is natural as long as its not harming the other fish.
Best of luck keep us posted.

Unfortunately your eggs won't hatch so the best thing to do is the clean the eggs from the rock otherwise they will dirty your tank. They will hate you for a day but get back to normal after. I recently had to clean some myself.

You can't say for sure that the eggs wont hatch. Yes 90% of the time the males are infertile BUT there are exceptions. If the eggs all turn white within a day or two then yes clean them out. Gotta at least give them a chance. There are postings around the web of BPs eggs hatching! Its few and far between but you never know. :)

True but unless the male is red devil, flowerhorn, convict or jellybean they are not gonna hatch. Sure there is a small percentile that they might but its so small there no point of bothering with it.

that is not so. if they have eggs that dont turn white there is a very good chance of them hatching. also if you want fry even a small chance is better then none. i dont know how long it takes for them to hatch though. my parrots have had eggs many times that never turned white but they are not in a tank by themselves and someone always eats the eggs. they have had eggs for 5 to 6 days with out turning white then they get eatten. i have read that some eggs can take almost a month to hatch. my angels only take about 2 days though. they have new babys now. they are in thier 75gal all alone now so im hoping they can raise this batch themselves. the 1st batch are big now. ive started to sell them. bigest ones are almost 2 inches now. the new one just started to swim today. looks like about 200 of them right now.

Thank you so much keep on keeping on.
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