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2 blood parrots 1 aggressive the other submissive

I bought A BP last week and was amazed at how fascinating these fish are, in my haste (i think) I bought another one.  The original is now relentlessly bumping and annoying the other BP.  It does get a rest now and then.  I appreciate that the BP are terratorial however will this stop?  Or will it calm down? Or will I have to move one BP out of tank? (dont want to do the last option.)  The BP getting the hard time never fights back and is very submissive, are they too young to be courting? No mouth locks, just one doing all the harrassing.  I know its difficult to tell the difference between sexes.  Looked at fins both look pointed rather than round.  One does seem slighlty more defined with very small black spots running along its back.



you cant tell male from female by the fins. only real way is by the breeding tubes. male like a v female like a U. can start breeding while still small. how big are they?

About 7-8cm long quite young will have a look underneath tonight.

that is small to breed but they might just be pairing up. as long as they dont hurt each other i wouldnt worry. even a pair will push each other around once in awhile.

The aggressor is not hurting the other one no damage, thanks for the feedback it has settled. Really like the fish becoming slightly obsessed, looking for the V and the U!!

what size of a tank are they in at the moment? they are cichlids so if they are in a small tank you will have some territory issues. I just recently seen a 10 inch blood parrot in a petstore that was traded in and it easily would need a 55 gallon tank to itself and if you were to keep it with another bp and they weren't a mated pair you would have to keep them in a 120 gallon or larger tank so they can have a decent size territory to call their own.

if they are orange, they are adult and can breed