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Tankmates for flowerhorn

Guys tell me something.... can a flowerhorn have any tankmates??? I got a 4 month old flowerhorn in a 100g tank


Yeah but it has to be very close in size. If you have a male then you will have to get a female and if you have a female then you might be ok with whatever.

I recommend a red devil, jack dempsey, or maybe a green terror. I got mine in with a turtle.

will it work out..... i dont want my fish to fight

Its depends, like I said if you get the opposite sex then they might fight for a bit and then try to breed.

From my experience, i've been able to keep my flowerhorns, with various south american cichlids. I've kept cichlids for 14 years now, and what ever is equal in size and attitude, will just about do. However, keep in mind, that because flowerhorns are hybrid fish, sometimes they're health doesn't hold up as well. So be prepared, because any infection or condition of the flowerhorn, can easily be spread to other fish. Just my experience. Be easy, bro.

and keeping it alone would not harm right?

I tried to put the bp with the flowerhorn but it didn't work out. Probably because the bp is smaller than the flowerhorn. It didn't bite the bp but the bp was scared and couldn't go out to eat without being chased. I tried putting hiding spots but it wasn't enough because the flowerhorn would stalk it and find ways to break into the hiding spots.

As a result, I had to buy another tank just for the lil guy. Good luck!

try sending a private message to "sunnysdad" he breeds them