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New to Parrot Cichlid

Hi People!
This is my first Blood Parrot Fish!  I named in Sonny because he reminds me of the sun floating around in the tank! He's only 2.5 inches long and he's a fiesty fellow!  I only had him for a week and he's not very shy at all.  Probably because he lived in Petco for a while and got use to all the ppl gawking at him.  I believe he's male because I read some where in this website they tend to be lighter in color.  He's pale orange with white spots on the fins.

Originally I housed him with my Flowerhorn who's a giant compared to him thinking it would work out but it didn't.  I could have returned him but he had such nice personality.  He would try to defend his hiding spot from my Flowerhorn, Sonny would peek through the hole and try to attack Lucky.  It was so cute he would try to bite but Lucky kept trying to harrass him.

It was obvious they wouldn't be best buddies so I bought a 29 gallon tank just for the litte guy.  It didn't take long for him realize he doesn't have to worry about the shark in the tank. LOL

Does anyone have stories about their Parrot fish?  Special habits? type of personality? etc? 



hi, nice to meet you. you can't tell male and female from the color. the only way to tell is by the breeding tube but its hard to tell when they are young and when they are not breeding. it's good you gave him his own tank. they are great fish. good luck.

It sounds like he/she is doing good. My first experience with Blood Parrots wasn't happy. My first one, Mr. Bubbles, was very shy and to top it off he had ich. I debated whether to take him back or not and worried if he would live through it. Luckily he is happy and healthy. I got him from Petco as well. My Flowerhorn didn't care too much for my Parrots either so I had to move him to his own tank and he lives with a turtle now.

You might notice at one point your parrot develops black spots or marks on it and it means its stressed. Most are very shy at first but when they come around they have some of the biggest personalities. The first thing I see in the morning are 2 of my 4 parrots and my oscar staring at me to get me to feed them.

What do you have in the 29 gallon tank with him? They need 30 gallons to them selves and then 10 gallons for each additional parrot. I think a 29 will be fine though.

Welcome to the forum! I've got three parrots in a 55 gallon and although they look tiny in there now, I hope to graduate them to a 75 someday when they get bier. They are adorable fish and are bursting with personality. I've had to do quite a bit of accomodating to make mine really come out of hiding because I had no other choice but to put them in the line of traffic (for now). As long as you've got a lot of hiding places and plants, they are awesome!

I've also got mine in with some pelviachromis pulcher (kribs) and that has really helped. They love to dig in the sand and I've heard if you have gravel in there, they'll move that around too. Keep us posted on your progress. If you have questions, there's tons of information on this site.

Enjoy! These fish are worth keeping!

just figuring out how to use this website.

I can't reply to your posts. Just want to thank everyone for their warm welcomes and stories.

You have a flowerhorn, too. How old is and how big? Does he have a head hump? What do you feed it? Mines only eats pellets and some veggies. It had hole in the head and ich but Lucky survied. Extremely hardy fish. I have to say very smart too.
Mines is about 6 inches or more. I think it's female. I was looking for a fish tank on craigslist and the flowerhorn came with it. The previous owner put a ping pong ball in the tank and it plays with it. likes to rub its head on the ball.

as for the parrot, it's only been a week and he swims around the tank with a bit of caution. probably from being stalked by the flowerhorn. haha! this little guy eats more than the flowerhorn! i think that's what made the flowerhorn mad because the lil guy just eats n eats. so far no black spots. he's very pale from the trama but the color is coming back. right now, he's single and the only one in the bachelor pad...haha!

You should be able to just click reply to send a reply. His name is Niko and he is about 8 inches. He is developing his hump. I feed him Hikari Cichlid Staple and he sometimes eats turtle food because he is in with my turtle Waffles. I occasionally give him crickets and live fish. I have yet to experience Hole in the Head and I hope I don't, how did you treat it? I got mine at about 5 inches from a local fish store. I need some ping pong balls because I heard they play with them and I think my oscar might like it as well. He has been cleaning this rock I have in the tank and guarding it from the turtle, I think he wants to breed but there are no large enough fish for him that I have. I wish my female blood parrot was larger so they could make killin bonsai flowerhorns (

This is Niko:

My flowerhorn plays with the ping pong ball at night. Lucky also likes us to pet its head too. It's all true! For a little while, my flowerhorn enjoyed the parrott fish nibbling at its head while trying to defend its spot. it was like a massage to the flowerhorn. lol! at one point, when the parrot fish went up for food, my flowerhorn rubbed it's head on the parrot fish's belly...after a few days, the parrot fish wore out its welcome and started eat more than his share of food. for a tiny fish, it eats like a giant. the flowerhorn didn't like that so it would chase it around the tank. luckily the lil guy wasn't missing any fins. eventually, the parrot fish got so scared, it wouldn't come out to eat any more. honeymoon was over in less than a week and it ended in a divorce...haha!

i feed my flowerhorn the same pellets. i don't feed it anything live. it just likes the pellets and occasionally some romaine lettuce. All i can say is the flowerhorn is very industrous fish. it can rearrange an entire tank in a day! my flowerhorn gets mad when we clean the tank. that's when i don't stick my hand in the tank because it gets nippy. so far i don't have any missing fingers but i get the feeling it'll hurt if it ever happens.

my parrot fish isn't shy at all. its swimming around and comes to front and stares back at me. he has a sunny disposition. curious lil thing.

nice photos of your flowerhorn. i have the same kind. same markings and colors. i think mines a female and probably about two years old. they should get together...haha! interesting you paired it with a turtle.what kind of turtle is it?

If you look at their mouth you can see little teeth. The turtle is a red ear. You should get some live crickets next time you goto the pet store, mine loves them so much. One time he had so many in his mouth they would crawl out and he would try to eat them again.

i'm not sure what brand of medicine but i got a tablet and it treated for two days with 25% water change after the second dose. the tablet also treated other diseases too. my flowerhorn had ich on top in addition to the hole in the head. the hole in the head lucked like scars but wasn't a severe case, thank goodness. the previous owners told us it was a scar from him moving the gravel around but we figured it was more than rough housing in the tank. also he stopped scraping himself on the tank which was due to the ich. it's been a couple of weeks now since his got a healthy appetite back and the scars are closing...

if you start to notice scars on the fish's head, keep a watchful eye and it develops in more a few spots, buy the medecine soon. the fish will eventually lose appetite and become unresponsive....treat it quickly...

Thanks for the tip!
Wow! 3 parrot fish? you must be an expert in raising fish. this is my first parrot and i also have one flowerhorn. i received them all less than a year. it's much different than the typical tropical fishes i'm use to. i hear they live up to 8 years or more!

my parrot is a bachelor(ette) and it's living the single life. he's requested that i put a carpet of gravel and maybe some more hiding spots. i already have a few plants and a couple of walls for him to peek through. it'll be fun to watch it rearrange his new pad...

hi, nice to meet you too!
thanks for the tip. i guess i will have to wait for it to get older and see if it lays eggs or not. how long have you had your parrot? any good tips of caring for this fish?