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When will my Blood Parrot Cichlid change colors?

About a month ago, my aunt decided she would get my sister and I a fish. We of course wanted to get Blood Parrot Cichlids because I've researched then intensely. So, we head off to Petsmart to get a tank, gravel, and all the necessary equipment for taking care of a fish. My aunt, not knowing ANYTHING about fish, took us home to set up the fish tank and then took us back to get the fish. Those poor fish, having to cycle with tank, survived (Thank the Lord) and are now very healthy. They are in a 20 Gal tank at the moment, and before you bite my head off, they, well, atleast mine, will be moved into a planted 60 gal in September. I really like them, but my main question is, when will they change colors? When we first got them they were all black, but now, they're an ashy gray. Everything we feed them is supposed to enhance their coloring, but I've seen no results so far. We've had them for about a month. So when will they change colors? Any help will be appreciated. :D


Maybe a another month or two. How big are they about?

I think it depends on the stress level, too. I had mine in a tank that was too small and it took the smaller ones several months to change. So it's a good thing you're planning on moving them to a bigger tank.

The littlest one is about 1.5 inches and the other one is about 1.8 inches.

Thanks for all the help everyone!

I hear their temp will help maintain their color.

As a side note to changing colors: I bought 3 Parrots a few weeks ago and they were a calico yellow/black and now one is almost COMPLETELY yellow. Almost all the black is gone in just one. I still have no idea how or why it lost its black but I have heard it from maturity. The newly yellow parrot is about 3 inches long. Although I have a 4 inch parrot who is also a calico yellow/black who still has alot of black. These fish suprise me everyday, something new. My smallest parrot is about 2 inches and yellow/black but for awhile he/she turned more grey/black but when i adjusted the temp back over 80+ the smallest one got its yellow back and is a wonderful yellow/black. But I think the small one is losing black too. It is more yellow everyday, small changes from day to day but noticable. Still very shy or i would try to take a picture. I recommend adjusting your temp if it is not at 80+. Hope that information helps.

Temp. plays a major role in determining their color but water quality is also important.