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Another new tankmate...

So unfortunately the peacock cichlid that I got when I got my Jellybean is NOT working out. He was ok at first, then I noticed that my 2 BPs were hiding up at the very top of the tank behind the lip of the filter 24/7. This was going on while I had them in the 20 gallon temporarily. The peacock and jellybean were swimming in the tank though.

Yesterday I changed the gravel to sand, and also bought another cichlid. (Will get to that in a bit). I moved everyone to the 55, and the peacock immediately began terrorizing everyone else in the tank. I saw him try to eat one of the BPs! Like, literally opened his mouth and tried to eat his face! Then he swam up to Leo (pleco) and bit a chunk of his fin off... Well I pretty much freaked out and was about to flush this guy lol. He was my husband's fish, so we removed him from the tank and put him in a small isolation tank to figure out what to do. I have a friend coming pick him up tomorrow (and trading him for a 29 gallon tank- woot!) to put in his brand new show tank, which is 150 gallon. I'm sad to see him go b/c he was so cool looking... Ah well, other fish in the sea, right? =D

On to my other concern. Yesterday I bought a purple cichlid out of a tank labeled 'Mixed African Cichlids'. The guy at the store said I could put cichlids with cichlids, but I thought I remember reading that africans could not go with the BPs, but I went with it anyways. I'll be honest, if he wasnt purple I would not have purchased him lol. I got home, did a bit of research, and found out that he is a mbuna cichlid. Now, everything I have read says that he is very aggressive and should not be mixed with non African cichlids. He is actually quite calm though, and not fighting at all. My largest BP&Jellybean have actually been nipping at him a bit. I'm guessing he is an adult, b/c he is probably about 3.5-4" long. Has anyone else had success mixing these guys with BPs? I was thinking of bringing him back after I got home and read everything, but I'm quite fond of him now lol...

I'll post pics of the new setup once the sand settles completely. Also, I bought something called SmartStart (live bacteria) from the LFS, which is what they use to get their tanks cycled. Today the amonia is in the 'safe' zone, about to test it. Hope all of the other levels are good to go as well...



I would take back the new one and buy a different kind, a South American one. It may be fine now but soon it will change. The one you took back was probably lip wrestling with it because that what cichlids do to see which is stronger. I take it your buying the Africans because they have good color, South American cichlids start of very bland but in time are more beautiful than some Africans. With what you have now I would get either a severum, a firemouth, 15 tiger oscars, a texas cichlid, or a blue acara. Another one I would recommend is a Bonsai Flowerhorn, also know as a killin parrot, bonsai killin flowerhorn, pearl parrot or flowerhorn parrot, they are beautiful but very hard to find. Joking about oscars though.

Green Severum:
Gold Severum:
Green Texas Cichlid:
Red Texas Cichlid:
Blue Acara:
Bonsai Flowerhorn:

Its really not a good idea to mix africans.

Hi again!
Hmmm, well I posted pics of this purple guy on another forum, and people are saying he's definitely not a pure mbuna. Not sure if this means anything, but he's the second largest fish in my tank (besides Boo), and still no signs of aggression.

I am getting the 29 gallon tonight, so I was thinking that if things get bad, I could move him in there. But if he's mbuna, he needs at least a 55. The store he came from is closed today, so I will have to decide if I'm going to bring him back tomorrow or not....

I'm honestly not sure what other fish I would get. Don't the severums and flowerhorns get large? Like, too large for my 55? I was looking at maybe getting a school of kribs.. how would that be with the BPs? I'm also pretty sure that all of my fish are males, so maybe a female BP? The only problem is that I'm still not sure that I could tell if it's a male or female in the store... The LFS that I go to has some larger BPs though.

Here's a pic of the new guy, Waluigi:

Ya he doesn't look pure mbuna. Severums get to the size of a Blood Parrot and Firemouths top out around 6 inches. Firemouths are pretty peaceful and Severums have the same temperament as Blood Parrot I think.

You should get one of these:

i would take the african back to when he settles in he will be mean. try a severum they get along with parrots very well and are very nice looking when the grow. they also grow fast, if in a good size tank. i have 2 greens that look black most of the time and i just got 2 young reds today.

Ha! And where am I gonna find one like that? I searched everywhere for Boo...

I think I'm going to try to get a firemouth. I've decided to move the purple guy into the 29 gallon once I get it set up. =P

I wouldn't know. I have never seen one in person but the are beautiful fish. I like Firemouths, I have 4 and they are starting to finally get good color.

Full mbuna or not, you run the risk of that fish having mbuna temperment, which you don't want with your BPs. I use this site a lot for identification and information: There is also a genus allery for New World Cichlids that is very helpful. I would agree with the other opinions that you should take the African back.

Are you talking about rock kribensis or the pelviachromis pulcher kribs? Because I have a small colony of the pulchers and they get along with my BPs very well. They're cute, too! And wonderful parents. Good luck!