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bubble gum parrot fish help

Hi I am new to the parrot fish world and I am just curious about what kind of tankmates I can get for my Bubblegum parrot fish. Currently I have 2 Kuhli Loaches in with them but they are smart and are always hiding. I have tons of questions so please bare with me here. I also would like to know how can I tell the sex of them. And I got bit by my purple one tonight when putting there ship back in and was wanting to know if I can get a nasty bacteria infection, I know kinda stupid but it still stings and it's been about an hour after I got bit. And what size tank should they have at the maximum. right now I only have them in a 15 gallon tank but want to get a new one to add more interesting fish to my collection. And what is the price that they normally go for? I paid 12 bucks a piece, but they are so cool so I thought it was worth it. Sorry for all the dumb ?'s but better safe than sorry right?



well, the first thing is that your parrots are probably dyed,(sometimes "purple" is a term used for the best grade of blood parrot though,but they are just a very deep red, normal colours for parrots are shades of orange if they are adult and grey/green with stripes if they are juveniles, so thats a shame, its a cruel method they use to dye them and you may find that their colour changes over time, but lots of people have them simply because they didn't know, although the term "bubblegum or jellybean" parrot also applies to the offspring of bloodparrots and pink convicts,these are usually a bit smaller and are pale pink, but as you say you have a purple one i do suspect that they may be dyed, second, one parrot needs a minimum of 30 galls, with another 10 for every one added,so get saving now,go as big as you can fit in and afford, usually people do end upgrading 3 or 4 times as they underestimate how big they can get or want to add more,if you dont upgrade asap, you will find all sorts of health and aggression issues, the adult parrot may see the kuhlis as food, any large tetras are usually suitable, and I do mean large, any thing else will have to wait until you get a new tank, in fact i would suggest you wait anyhow before adding anything at all, telling the sex is difficult unless they are egg laying then the male has a breeding tube like this V and the female like this U ,people will say males have longer fins or females are fatter but thats not reliable, in the uk they can go for £30 a pair,as for the bite, microbacterium is the disease that can be passed on but this is highly unlikely with aquarium bought fish, if however it doesnt get better soon or becomes red or swollen or you get a fever, go check it out, meanwhile, look for some suitable gloves(without additives) or here you can find aquarium gloves(they are made for scraping algae off the inside of the tank,)welcome to the site,we love questions here, parrots are wonderful fish, you will enjoy them but get that tank soon!!!PS find another shop, he should have advised you on tank size and sells dyed fish!!!!!!

I completely agree with Shaz's comments -- you should definitely post pics so the experts on this forum can tell you if they are dyed. Some of the cutest fish (or so you think) are the ones who have been experimented on and treated badly, which is not what you want.

I have seen most young juvenile BPs sell for around $16; the larger you buy them, the more expensive they are. Chances are if the pet store is selling them for cheap, it is because the health of the fish is shaky at best or they are dye-injected. In the fish world, you more often that not get what you pay for. I paid $28 for my larger BP and she is by far my favorite -- she is the most energetic and has the most personality, and I attribute that to the quality of her care where she was raised previously.

Get a bigger tank as soon as you can. It will greatly improve the health and demeanor of your fish. When you see them "kissing," however cute it may be, it is typically a sign of aggression. Since BPs cannot fully open or close their mouths, they tend to do that or ram each other out of aggresssion.

May I ask why you wish to know the sex of your fish? Is it curiosity or are you interested in breeding them? If that is the case, you may want to read up on your chances of that happening.

Good luck! In my experience, no one on this forum rejects any question, big or small. People are here to help each other out.

you should post pictures so we can see if they are dyed or not. I get bit by mine when they have eggs in their tank... No death disease yet!! It is easier to sex them when they are going into breed mode. The female will generally be smaller and darker and have the U shape tube on her belly. The male will be larger and lighter. We do love questions. i think we are as social as our fish :P so ask away...

Ok thank you so much for all the help I really appreciate it. The pet shop guy is looking for a larger tank for me as we speak, and I told him I want atleast a 55 gallon, which he said he will sell me one for 50 bucks.Now I was looking at chichlids today at his shop and he said they were not compatable together, one was a rainbow, So when I do get this bigger tank exactly what fish can I get that are unique and compatable and come out a little more?

So far, I have a leopard pleco, peacock cichlid, and jellybean parrot with my BPs. They all get along just great! My favorite is my jellybean parrot, Boo. He's so darn cute I could kiss him LOL

do you like Blue congos, also known as lemon tipped congos ?, they get on really well with BPs for when you get your large tank

Keep an eye on your bite. Add neosporean (not sure spelling) and cover with a waterproof bandaid. If it starts turning red and looks worse call your docotor.
As for tank size a 50 sounds good but I am all for going as big as you can. Took me over a year to save up for my 100 gallon tank and all the approrite filters and such. So you may want to wait and shop around see if you can't find a used tank somewhere else cheaper. could have a larger tank for pickup.
Don't listen to everything the pet shop people tell you. They have been know to talk out of their butts. XD My choice for tankmates for my parrots has been Hero Severums. Mine don't seem to be shy or aggressive they seem to all get along. Check out the post about tankmates. There are quite a few fish that can be compatible. But I don't recommend adding more fish to your small tank.

Ok kool, now the one that looks purple(to me)has pretty black markings on it and it is darker it kinda is a mix of red and purple, and my blue one has black markings on it as well just not as much, but is much lighter, they are doing this wierd thing since I changed the water in the tank, it's kinda cute they look like they are kissing.So is it a good thing they do that? They also both look like they have a tube like thing behind their two bottom fins so that means they are both female right? I will try to upload pictures as soon as I can so you all can see them.

I was just curious about their sex. I have never seen what a blue congo is but I will definately check it out. In my eyes even if they are dyed and they turn back to white I don't care because I know that I will never put them through that again, either way they are cute.They always look like they are smiling. Ok so should I get another decoration for them to ease up the aggression so that they each have their own place to hide, until I get the bigger tank?