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What do you feed a "freshwater" Parrot fish

I have never had a Parrot Fish before and I kind of adopted a 50 gallon tank but the fish were very stressed and they now need love but I don't know the first thing about looking after them.  The fishes water was very dirty and they had been kept in a tub for a couple of weeks because their tank was thought to be leaking.  It turned out that it wasn't a leaky tank at all, it was a plugged filter and the water was leaking from the filter.  Anyways, I read on a site that the Parrot fish needs Shrimp Pellets and perhaps..."The first thing that must be done is use some cold water to make a heavy paste out of Plaster of Paris. To this you will want to add some finely chopped spinach, 6 ounces of dry, pelleted food, algae, romaine lettuce and some brine shrimp. The mixture should be formed into small balls, which will need to harden for about 2 hours. This can then be frozen as you will only want to feed your parrot fish 2 or 3 times per week."
I read that they don't eat flakes but yet the local pet store said to feed them flakes, but they don't seem to like the flakes.  They do eat the pellets though.
Can someone tell me what you feed yours and how often?
This 50 gallon tank included 1 parrot fish, 3 pleco's, 2 silver dollars and one little guppy.  Already I have been told that I need a bigger tank.  HELP!!!
Thank you for your help.



why do you need a bigger tank?

is it because of the pleco?

what kind of pleco do you have? all 3 are common?

50 gal for 1 parrot is PERFECT,

you make your own food for the parrot? that is so nice lol,

too bad i;m to lazy T.T

about feeding, my bp are babies, i feed them 2 time a day

i am used to hear that people feed their bp 1 time a day,

you feed your 2-3 time a week? isnt that too long?

No I'm not saying this is what I do. I am saying that these are things I have read and been told but I am looking for answers from people that have parrots. What do you feed yours and how often?
Yes the reason I have been told I need a bigger tank is because of the 3 plecos and I don't know what kind they are. Like I said this is all new to me so I am looking for advice.
As for the comment of feeding the parrot 2 to 3 times a week is only for that home made food. You say you feed yours 2 times a day - what do you feed them?

cichild pellet and flowerhorn pellet

my tank is 170-220 gal

9 bp
2 beta
9 green corycat
5 pleco (goldie, rubblerlip, royal, blue,lemon spot)

2 time a day (for me), all fish eat the same food

take a picture of your pleco and post it on, us member will try to find out what kind of pleco you have in order to help you or give you other advise

I will take a picture of my pleco's but my situation is complicated. I live in BC but I work in Alberta and right now I am away at work and won't be home until around the 25th of this month so I don't even know what my new fish look like. My poor Mother and Daughter are stuck setting this all up for me and they are hoping I can provide some sort of guidance for them to follow. I rescued these fish from a bad situation and now I need to know as much as I can learn so we can do our best as a team to make them happy and healthy.
Wow, you certainly have a huge establishment ! I bet your tank is beautiful, would love to see pictures of it :o) How far apart do you feed them and about how much? Do you feed them both pellets at the same time twice a day or do you feed them once with cichild pellets and then for their second feeding flowerhorn pellets?
Thank you for your response :o)

i;m not like many great fish keeper on this forum, my tank is empty, just a huge cave and a big driftwood for my pleco, while other got a nice set up with great background

many people said feed them and see how much they will eat in 5 minute, then you can adjust on how much food you put in next time, if they dont eat after 30 minute, take out the food (if not, it is bad for your water)

for time apart between feeding i feed at 5 am (before i go to work) and at 5-7 pm ( when i get back home)

sometime i mix the food together and sometime not

hope other members can share their idea with you, or they arnt online yet cuz of the weekend ^.^, everyone got a life lol (i think)

ps: i have read a lot that the member said to feed them pea once a week or more i forgot, which is good for them (so they said, so the fish can poop, lol) i myself have not try it yet

why you ask? laziness :))

if you got a good filter system, cahnge water 30% each week,

if not change every two days at 30% just liek me lol

also the member been talking a lot about cycling the tank, i;m not sure about this topic (i;m a noob)

water is more important than feeding

Hi! I am fairly new to fishkeeping, but I will tell you what I feed my BPs and Pleco.

When I bought my BPs, the lady at the store recommended a tropical fish food, which actually has 4 different types of food in the container (in separate sections). It has flakes, granules, dried shrimp, and crisps. At first, they refused all of this food. I went back to the store and bought some frozen fish food squares, called Cichlid Delights. This is the only thing I could get them to eat for the first week or so. Once they became more comfortable in their tank, they started accepting the other foods. I also bought some small cichlid floating pellets, which are great b/c they do not float to the bottom- which means no cleanup! I also feed them frozen peas, as others have suggested. They love them! (Just be sure to take the shells off) I rotate all of these foods throughout the week, and they have grown significantly since I bought them a month ago. I feed them once a day, sometimes twice if they are hanging out at the top of the tank when I walk by.

I got a leopard pleco for my tank about a week or two ago, and he is also doing great! I feed him an algae wafer every 2-3 days, and in between those days I drop in a slice of frozen cucumber. I drop the cucumber in at night, and usually remove any leftovers the next day. Plecos love veggies! I have also read that they love to eat zucchini, but I have yet to try it. I have also seen him eating small bits of granules left by the BPs. And of course, algae! We say that he's the maid, since he cleans up after my BPs =)

You can see the video of Leo eating his cucumber here:
(And sometimes my BPs take a few bites =)

Until the BPs felt comfortable in their new surroundings, it was very hard to get them to eat. They will start to accept more foods once they feel a bit more relaxed.

Hope this helps!

I feed mine cichlid pellets, tropical flake food and sometime i will get brine shrimp or worms for a treat. I feed twice a day because my BPs are bigs and they try to eat to fast and the food that they miss all goes to the bottom and my mollies go and get that before the BPs can so i feed how ever much they can eat in like 5-10 minutes to plenty and then do it again later. I feed right when i get up in the morning i turn the lights on then feed and at night i feed then after 10 minutes i will turn the lights off and then i will go to sleep. You dont want to feed them to close togeather because then in the extra time they will be hungry so space it out during your day.
Hope i helped!

Hi, im kind of new too, but my bps are pigs, they eat anything and as fast as they can, I feed them flakes, they love, do not have cichlid pellets yet but will get soon, they also love frozen bloodwarm, I feed once a week, they go nuts on it, the man at the lfs said it will make them a richer color also. But I only feed what they will eat in 3 minutes, then I take it out. 

29 gallons 2 bp

3 corey cats

1 pleco

1 glo fish

Bps are small right now, i know i will need a bigger tank soon, looking for a 55.