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How can I tell if my BP's eggs are fertilized?

Hello, I'm new to the site.  I have two Blood Parrots, and I know at least one is female.  The eggs were laid about two days ago, and almost all of them are transparent.  Only two or three are white.

I have no other cichlids in there now, but I had a Peacock Cichlid for all of four days before the Blood Parrots killed him(or her) sometime Saturday night.  I assumed it was because of the eggs.  They're keeping all of their tank mates at bay right now.

What do they look like when fertilized?  Is it more likely that the Peacock Cichlid fertilized them than the other Blood Parrot?  Would they still kill another cichlid if it was fertilizing the eggs?

Do I need to do anything if the eggs are fertilized, or do I leave them to their parents?  In my tank are the two BP's, one Silver Dollar, one gourami, two Angel Fish, one plecostomus, two African Knife Fish, and four snails.



I think there will be a black dot on them. They will hatch around day 4 if they were gonna hatch at all.

if they dont turn white they might be good. i would just watch and see. mine have had eggs very often and they never all turn white but they never give them the time it takes to hatch. they eat them all after 3 or 4 days or someone else does. it is best to leave the eggs with the mom and dad they take better care of them then we can but with other fish in the tank they will most likely get eaten. most males cant fertilize but you might get lucky. if you realy want to give them a chance you should put mom and dad into there own tank. that way the eggs will be safe and you can see if given the time and no one to eat them if they will hatch or all turn white and go bad. i dont mean to move them with the eggs they have now that wont work. i mean you could move them before they lay eggs again. angel eggs only take 2 to 3 days to hatch im not sure about parrots. so fish eggs take up to 15 days. good luck let us know what happens.

if some r already turning white, thats fungus and its most likely that the whole batch will grow fungus. i would remove them,but if ur lucky the parents will eat them and u wont have to. it only take 2-3 days for all of them to turn.

They're all turning now. It's kind of sad. I was hoping that poor little peacock cichlid would live one in it's fry. Oh, well!

yeah its sad,but next time just remove them right away so they can get back to normal. also bad eggs can mess with ur water:(

I've heard and read several places that it is quite rare for two BPs to produce fertile eggs, so sadly this may happen each time your female lays eggs. If you are super interested in getting fry, you may want to add a red devil cichlid or a convict cichlid of some type to your tank. You could try breeding your female parrot with a male pink convict to get a jellybean parrot -- I think they are SO cute! Good luck!

Thats what I am trying to do but with a male black convict.