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Newbie with a white blood parrot fry

Hello! Forgive me if this post is in the wrong
spot! I have posted this in another forum, but did not feel too welcome in that forum as I read other I came here :)

Well, I will start from the beginning. I am more of a puffer fish
keeper, but I do have two FW community tanks. Lately I am planning a
larger freshwater community tank (not sure what size, but definately in
the 90+ gallon range).

I live in a small town, so there are not many species of fish available
to me except a few rare finds in mom and pop pet stores.

I have always wanted a blood parrot, I like the fact that they are not
wild caught plus I love their personality. But, I have been afraid of
buying one that was I decided if I ever bought one it would be
a lighter color so that I could know there was no dye used on the fish.

So, I have tried to research the blood parrot, I have gotten some mixed answers, but I still wanted a BP

Anyways, the other day I drove out of town and found a fabulous fish store...lots of variety!

But, in one tank they had white colored blood parrot fry...some big
as a fingernail, some a little bit bigger and two that were the size of
a silver dollar.

All of the stores adult blood parrots were banana yellow and
I do not know if the white ones will turn one of those colors.

So, I bought a white fry.

She is in a tank with black skirt tetras, cherry barbs, pristellas, a beta and a pleco. All are doing fine.

The tank gets water changes twice a week.

The fish are fed 50% flake and the rest is thawed mysis shrimp,
krill and blood worms. The pleco eats thawed shrimp, scallops and
mussels...along with algae wafers-but he prefers meat..I do not know

In about a month, the pleco and the new white fry will go into the
bigger tank I am planning...and until the fry gets big enough (and I
know her personality) I won't add any tankmates-UNLESS you guys tell me
she is a social fish and needs her own species with her.

So my q's are

I would like any information about this fish

Information about a proper diet-I am reading conflicting info

Possible tankmates in the future

anything you think a newbie should know about this fish

And if I have questions in the this the right place to
ask them? Or should I ask in a different section or a different forum?
Oh, and will she change colors?



"And if I have questions in the this the right place to
ask them? Or should I ask in a different section or a different forum?
Oh, and will she change colors?"

i believe all member will welcome you with open hand as well with open mind, i am also new to forum and it seem great, as stated by someone in this forum no question are stupid, and welcome to ask

i hope someone will help you with what you need

ps: i do saw a orange with white strip bp b4, they do look nice but i dont know if they were okay lol

best wish to you and your new white fry bp ^.^

Thanks for the welcome..

I kind of got the feeling from the other forum I tried that people there did not like BPs :(

I just want to make sure I get it right for this fish especially since she is a baby.

yeah some people dont like the idea of bps because of the fact that they r a hybrid :( but we love them so this is the right place! welcome!

Yeah, that was the feeling I got...

I made my post and then went looking around....and I did not see many good things..

I understand they are "mutts"..they are totally neat

im not sure about bp fry, ive never seen one so small! they dont sell them here when their that tiny:) but when there about 2 in or more usually they r a dark color maybe with stripes. some actually stay that color, but most turn bright orange as they get older. might take a year in some cases. as for there diet just keep it varied, bloodworms,brine shrimp, krill, with cichlid pellet or flakes being the staple (alot of people prefer the pellets). and u should give them a meal of shelled peas about twice a week for fiber to prevent constpation. also just make sure u give them good hiding spots, it makes them more secure in there environment. u could use anything from half coconuts or teapots or just cups on there side:) if u have anymore questions all of us r willing to offer whatever advice we have! good luck, these r great fish.

I actually do not care if she changes is just that since she is white..I was thinking of naming her diamond....but if she will turn colors, that might not be such a good name LOL

That is awesome that she will eat peas..I feed those to my puffers!

So, far she eats everything I put in the tank!

The tank is well decorated and there is a nice large place for fishes to hide...and she has gone in....but most of the time she is just zooming around the tank..I also have large shells for hiding..but again..she wants to zoom!

thats great! usually they r shy :) but chances r that she will change color, most likely will end up orange at some point. or she could turn dark and stay that way, i guess it will be fun to see what happens! :) either way u will love these little guys. good luck!

She was shy for about 10 minutes, but after that she was off exploring.

I think it is because of the group of fish I have her with..all really mellow

Plus she was in tank with 100 or more this must be a nice change..

plus since shes so young that might help. well im just so glad that u have a great big tank with mellow fish and that its working out for u! it will be really nice to see her grow up.

First off welcome. You are in the right spot because there is no wrong spot.

My thoughts are these are not the typical blood parrots that are the normal orange since you got these from a local pet store and not a major store like Petco and Petsmart and because they are still just fry. Its possible I am wrong because I have not been there in person. Anyways, its possible they are convict x parrots which look like this:
Its also possible its another breed like texas x parrots or red devil x parrot.
But its also a good chance these are just normal fry. If it looks like this chances are it will turn orange:
All in all, time will tell. And there is nothing wrong with hybrids.

omg that white BP look like a goddess ^.^

we don't care here about which question goes where, ask away, to put my bit in, as far as i know, juvenile parrots have markings like convicts, sort of, brown with stripes, going orange over some months, so you may not have parrots, also lots of fish are dyed all colours, even white, anything that will justify rip off prices, for future ref, practical fish keeping, have a section where you enter your details, as in county, city, town, and they will tell you of LFS that have signed up to guarantee that their fish are undyed

Hey. a little late in leaving a response, but welcome! I love my fish! they are smart and funny. They eat from my hand and are a real joy to have. Hope all works out with yours. you should post pics so we can watch her grow up too! :)