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My Fish still won't come out from hiding after nearly 2 months

Hey all! I have had two parrot cichlids in a 46 gallon tank for nearly 2 months. They still hide constantly and seem to be terrified of me. Is this typical? I always thought they would come out by the time a month had past. They also rarely eat their food. When i throw in some flakes or brine shrimp they maybe take a few bites..sometimes don't eat at all. This causes me to have to change the water an clean the gravel very often because of all of the extra food. I have another question, i currently have a penn plax cascade 300 filter and im worried it isn't good enough for my cichlids. I got it from meijers and it said its for up to 100 gallon tank or something crazy like that so i figured it must be good. well currently my water looks a little cloudy, even though i clean the tank fairly often. Should I consider getting a better quality fitler? Ugh ahhh!! any help you fish experts could offer would be awesome, im very frustrated! thanks!


u need to check your water readings. Are your fish discolored at all? Do they seem healthy, but just scared? Do you have other fish in the tank? Do you have adequate hiding places for the BP's? My fish kept hiding until I purchased a couple Convicts and tiger barbs, then they came out to play with them.

My water readings are all pretty normal. I have 4 mystery snails in the tank as well, I would gladly place some other fish in there to make them feel more safe to roam around but wouldn't that make my bio load be too much? And to answer your question, i have many hiding places for them and my tank has a bunch of plants too. I also coated the back of the tank in black wallpaper so they have even more privacy. I feel as though i must be doing something wrong still...

Depends on what you put in. You could 6-8 blue platies or 3-4 rainbows. I would get 8 platies because it will barely increase
the bioload and might help. Plus they look cool and the parrots won't eat them.

or any kind of tetra

Tetras get a little bigger and she only has a small amount of room to work with because its a 46 gallon with 2 parrots.

Maybe get a school of fish to let them know its ok. Maybe some blue platies or rainbow fish.

DO you have your lights on or off??
ANy tankmates?
WHats the size of ur BPs
DO you see them bully each other?
DO they eat well?
POst your water readings

Like most cichlids, parrots should be feed a high quality pellet. It will remain floating until they come to get it. Flake food causes constipation and makes for a messy tank.

I had a parrot that hid for months. Terrified everytime someone went near his tank. I finally put him in with my oscars and he loves it! He rubs us against the oscar (named Oscar) and will even let me pet him! I guess he just needed some new tank mates.