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i know ur sick of this,but since i now have a 55 i would like any suggestions on what to put in it!?

i dont know about to many different kinds of fish. id like some ideas since whatever i put in there is gonna be there for a LONG time. ideas? besides oscars (chrisplosion :)))


Do you have a pair of convicts? I love mine, they are very pretty. I like the pink convicts also. you could prolly have a pair of each with maybe a bunch of tiger barbs for additional color

you might think i'm crazy katie but i would put water and fish in it!!!! A new tank is very boring just sittin there empty!!

hahahahaaaaa This is to funny!

thank u sooo much for this list:) the green terror is really beautiful! so r the rams. and thats a crazy pic of the firemouth!

It is pretty funny. Rams get to like 3 inches and green terror gets to 8-12 inches.

r the terrors mean?

It has the word terror in its name so yeah.

well i thought that! but u never know :)

Too bad there is no dwarf oscars......


You could always do discuses.

A peter's elephant nose would be awesome :) I'm getting one so i just thought it would be cool. I hear they have cute little personalities of their own!

They get big like knife fish.

i heard that there are some fish (EX: texas cichlid) that doesnt reach full size due to tank size? can that happen with many fish?

Its called stunting. Its not really the size of the tank but the build up waste. You could grow an oscar to full size in 10 gallon if you change the water enough.

ok, so that is not so healthy! NM :)

Umm i don't think so. They only grow to a max of 11 inches in the wild but in captivity they grow to like......9 inches. But that's what all my books say

Yeah, I double checked, they top out around 12. My mistake. A bichir would be cooler though.

Bichirs are pretty cool..........hmmm i'll consider it!

They get about the same size give or take an inch

that is one of the craziest lookin fish! how big do they get?

hahahaha he is neat looking.

nevermind, i just saw the comment below :)

You should get a black parrot. The ones from Petsmart that are $10. Thats what Butters is.

OOO! Sounds

red terrors and black calvus are both great looking when they get big i just got some in at my shop had to order some when i saw how nice they look. they are hard to find though i looked for 3 or 4 months till my supplier got them in