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my new 45 gallon turned out to be a 55! what do i use to clean it?

im exited to have another 55 gallon (aside from finding a place to put it) but its filthy! what is the best way to clean a filthy tank?


A little soap and water. Or just hot water. Congrats, I smell an Oscar!!!

i think i would use dish soap with a small amount of bleach.
bleach would kill any bacteria or possible germs ,many tanks are sold because the fish died and the owner just gave up ,so its possible there could be dangerous germs lurking.Now that being must must must rinse very well
they do sell aquarium safe products to safely remove hard water spots and other stuff from your glass also
also i would boil water and sterilize all contents of tank or replace new

lol! I think Chrisplosion wants you to get a Oscar:-)

I have always just used water and something to scrub with. I've been too afraid to use soap or anything else. If there is a tiny bit left in the tank, it will kill the fish.

I think I read some where that you could use white vinegar.

Everybody should have one at one point in their life.

I would love to have one. Marley is so darn cute.

When I get a larger tank, I'm going to get one. All thanks to you and Marley:)

He like a little puppy dog, always beggin' for food.

i smell another niko! hes so gorgeous!

A Flowerhorn would be cool to, if you could find a small male and another female parrot you could get some pearl parrots. I would love to have some of those. I'm uploading a vid of my 75 gallon.


I still say you should get an Oscar or two.

i like something with a little more color :) also i dont think ill be getting a flowerhorn either, to territorial :(

What about Discuses, can't get much prettier than that.

What's a pearl parrot? I've never heard of them.

Wow! They are beautiful.

I'm going to need a tank as big as a swimming pool to get all of the fish I want.

I wish I could find them, I would have a tank dedicated to just them.

Maybe you'll have your own now that you have your Flowerhorn. That would be so cool.

I would need a large female parrot that could put up a fight against Niko.

I am so excited for you! Hope you have fun finding new fishmates! I think chrisplosion has rubbed off on me. I want an oscar now... darn it.. as if 3 tanks are not enough! :)

I have 5 tanks.......

your such a great influence...... dont they teach you in school that peer pressure isnt cool??? LOL I stayed up watching youtube oscars. I like them alot... trying to decide on black or white... maybe both! OMG

I did that too a few days before I got mine, I probably watched every oscar video on youtube. A lot of people keep them with blood parrots. The albino "white" ones have been inbred so much that most of them have health problems. I saw a blind one, one with one eye, one with missing fins. Plus they don't live as long as the black ones do.

I like the black ones best, the Tiger Oscars, not the Red Oscars. If you see any of them under 3 inches with full red on them then they were juiced. Its sad seeing little 1 inch babies with red because they were injected with hormones. Marley wasn't like that, he was drug free.

Albino Red Oscar:
Albino Tiger Oscars:
Red Oscars:
Tiger Oscars:

They also have long fins oscars but I have not seen any in person.

I saw a pic of one, i was going to mention it, but didn't cause im sure they are near to impossible to get! really neat though!

I want a wild caught one.

he has that way with people :) always pushing oscars,he should be a salesman! im exited to though, i really have no idea what im gonna put in this tank!

i have a long fin albino tiger oscar at my shop she is about 6 inches now ive had her about 3 months now cant belive on one has bought her yet.

Do you run a fish shop???? I want to.... I have been thinking about trying something like that, but want to learn as much as I can first..