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Help! How do I know if my parrot cichlid is about to lay eggs?

Lately, my BP has been acting weird. She is always on the bottom and barely moves, she is also not eating. I also notice that there is a white thing haning on her tube. Is this because she is about to lay eggs? She is also very protective around one spot of the aquarium. And also she swims funny sometimes, like she swims sideways against a rock.

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i dont know about that. laying on the bottom,not eating, and a white thing hanging off her tube doesnt sound normal to me. when mine lay eggs they r a little more agressive, she dances around him,but they still eat and no lethargy. have u checked the water quality? and if u could post a pic of the ''white thing'' hanging on the tube that would be helpful.

I've attach the picture above, sorry if it didn't came out as good as I thought. And also how does a parrot cichlid look like when she is about to lay eggs? Do you have any pictures on how they are suppose to look like when they're about to lay eggs?

The photo was so hard to see. I hope you don't mind I took the liberty to make it smaller. I'm not sure I helped to make it any easier to see though. Sorry:(


I found some videos on youtube that looks exactly like the condition of my BP here is the link
she also swims exactly like this

That's such a cool video. You can see the eggs on the rock that she's laying.

I would think that your fish is getting ready to lay eggs as well. You may wake up in the morning to a bunch of eggs in your tank.

KickAzzKatie is the one who can give you all the info you need for BP's laying eggs. Her BP's lay eggs all of the time. She hates it. She says they attack her when she has to clean them out of her tank and it scares her half to death. lol!!!

Please let us know how it goes.

Best of luck!!

yes they do! they hate me for days, but if they lay eggs just remove them as soon as possible so they can get back to normal. i just chase them away with the net and remove whatever they layed eggs in and wash it out. if its in an open space ur lucky and can just vacume them out. mine only gave me that luxury the first time:)

the clue to whether they are going to lay eggs lies in the behaviour of the fish beforehand(does that make sense?) normally there's a little lip locking between the fish,( in the wild fish do this to ensure the mate they choose is strong enough to defend the eggs) then both fish clean an area (or dig it up) then the female will lay her eggs and may stop eating much as she doesn't want to leave the eggs unguarded, both fish guard the eggs at this point,all your other fish will be confined to a small section of the tank then as it becomes obvious that the eggs are not going to hatch, usuallt the male gets fed up first and will start to eat them, as this point the female can be very aggressive to him, but eventually follows suit, if you have a fish that usually lays eggs in a cave or on a rock, it can be a little confusing if they dig a pit and appear to "shimmy"in it, but it can happen, the ovipositor or breeding tube is very noticeable, sometime you can see a egg at the end too, I bet by the time you read this, you have eggs!!!!