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Bonbell has ANOTHER Tankmate!!!

Yesterday night, I went to PETSMART and saw the cutest little red devil cichlid! She was the only one in the tank and there were midas cichlids above her. I waz like "I wonder why she's all alone" and then one of the clerks buds in and says "Someone gave her to us yesterday because their thank waz getting too small for her" So I thought it over and I said "I'll take her"
I thought her and Bonbell would get along since a member of the website bought one and put it with her blood parrot. Then I get home take a shower while she get's used to the water, and then release her......sure enough they go staight to each other and started swimming together.............I ended up naming her Tori after a few hard minutes of thinking. lol

( Also I took Chelsi the Black Ghost Knifefish back to the LFS for her own good on growing to full size and not getting stunted)


thats good that u took the knifefish back :( ul have alot more room now anyway. how big is ur tank again? im so glad ur babies r getting along :)

40......upgrading to a 75g gal this month