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What Browsers are supported?
You can use any browser to post, but only Internet Explorer and Firefox can see the WYSIWYG toolbar that makes it easy to style your text and upload images. If you know HTML you can add that yourself using Safari or Chrome. Sorry about the incompatibility, but we'e tried a lot of text-editor plugins, and this is the most reliable one. None of them are compatible with all browsers.

How do I ...

...include images in my posts? See instructions here

...include videos in my posts? See these instructions spam? Email and let me know. Spam is a fact of life these days: you can't eliminate it, only manage it. Do not attack the poster: if it is a real spammer they won't care at all, and if it is NOT a spammer, you will hurt their feelings. And attacks only make the site look unfriendly. Simply report it to me by email, and I'll take a look at what is going on and why it's slipping through the various filters.
People who post frequently receive special Spam moderation privileges here. If you've been posting for a while, you've probably got them. To delete spam posts or comments, just click "submit spam" and you will get an "access denied" message after a moment, but if you go back to Home, the post should be gone. information to ParrotCichlidPedia? At this time, the best way is to send it to me ( by email and I'll add it for you.
...get more User Points? Post and Comment frequently! User points don't confer much except glory, and they are just for fun.