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New red eared slider turtle! pics

one of my daughters friends caught a baby red ear at our pond and brought her/him to us! She looked so small that I decided to measure both her and my existing turtle. She is about 1 inch and 'Crush' is about 2 inches. They are soooo cute!


they r just the cutest things ive ever seen! :)

OMG ITS SO CUTE!!!!! I love turtles more than I love fish and Oscars. Since I can't buy Red Ears in Oregon, we are gonna drive up to Washington so I can buy one. The only things that sucks about doing that other than its illegal once I bring it into Oregon, is that it has to be at least 4 inches so I can't get a baby. But I called a few Petsmart and the have some 4 inch ones.

Aww thanks! I really like them. It is lame that they are illegal in Oregon, but how many people do you know that get raided over a turtle.... :) I hope you get one, they are really neat. Just be careful and clean the tank ALOT cause they carry simonella (sp?) I may have to move my convicts to the 55gal now, cause I would really be pist if one of the turtles ate one of them! Crush already ate a big guppy and he is only 2 inches!

Nice, I used to have one when I was nine but my mom got tired of it and dumped it in the lake. I just wish mine was 2 inches....but 4 isn't that big. I just can't take it for a walk in front of the police station.

do you think the average PO would know it was a red ear? LOL hopefully you dont let your mom release you soon to be baby into the wild! unless you live at home still. she may just flush them all! :(

Senior in High School so I still live at home. I think 4 inches is a little big to flush and theres no nearby lake anymore. I was gonna buy some species online but the only ones I can get i don't want plus it would cost $100. Since I'm getting it in store, its only $20 plus like $10 in gas for the ride up there. When yours gets about an inch bigger you should sex it because if you have a female its can get up to a foot in length and won't be suitable for most aquariums because she wouldn't be able to turn around. I'm gonna look for a male because they only get to about 8 inches.

oh im gonna be soooo sad if they are females! I would prolly have to custom build a tank or something.... My husband says that they can be made pretty easily, just not sure if I want a 3 foot wide tank in my living room for a gigantic turtle! thats cool that you are in highschool and are responsible enough for living creatures. LOL our kids dog would be starve to death if I didnt feed her!

A 75 gallon might work because they are 18 inches wide and 4 feet long. So wait you found a second one?

yup, by the pond at the back of our property. my kids friends found her. She is the 1 inch above. How hard would it be to ship one? They went looking for more yesterday! crazy kids

You would have to do over night shipping and that would cost $40. I wish a pond near us had turtles. The inch one is a hatchling and you will need a UVB bulb if you don't have one already.

I have a heat bulb that I got when I first got Crush. Is that the right thing?

Since turtles are naturally outside they get their heat and Vitamin D3 from the sun. The heat bulb is for basking but you also need a source of Vitamin D3 to promote shell and bone growth especially for hatchlings. They have UVB bulbs in a Florecent Tube form for like light trips and hoods and they also have it in incandescent form so you could put it in a lamp. UVB cannot penetrate glass or plastic you can't have a glass hood or plastic cove between the light and the turtle.

Heres what I am talking about:

I plan on buying this one so i can plug it into my clip lamp:

Well thanks for the info! I have a clip lamp already so i will prolly go for the last choice. I have a hood, but it has the glass protector and I have the heater in the water, so i can prolly just get the uv thing... or do I have to still have the heat lamp even though I have a tank heater in there???

1. The tank water should be what it is for fish.

2. You need a spot for the turtle to get out of the water, dry off and get warm. So you need a light on the spot so it can bask. The spot should be around 85F - 95F. You need a light that you can adjust over the tank so it can heat the basking spot. You can use a regular light bulb thats around 150W or you can buy a special light, it doesn't matter as long as it get to in that temp zone. You will need an electric thermometer to measure the spot but those cost less than $10.

3. Then you need a UVB light so it can get it needed sunlight. For those you can use a light strip or hood but you can't have glass/plastic between the bulb and turtle. Or you can use a clip lamp.

damn, then I am set up all wrong! I have it set up like a fish tank. I have tons of water, but a water heater. I have a floating ramp for them to bask, but havent placed the heat lamp over it due to thinking the heated water was good enough. I may have to just remove the whole cover and tank light so I can strap on 2 clip lights. I dont like the sound of a hood without the protector. I want to heat the turtles, not electricute them! LOL. I have to go buy a couple things. thanks for the training!

I know what you mean, I have spent the last couple days contemplating on how to set this up. They have metal mesh covers at Petco that will cover than and won't let anything fall in. And then if you have wire cutters, you can cut slits for what you need.

Heres some ideas on how to do it:

How big is the turtle tank? If you can include a picture of the setup, i can give you some ideas.

29 gallon. typical fish tank with plastic lid and hood. forgot what brand. it is from walmart. I will add a pic in a minute on a new post. this one is REALLY gettin long! LOL

My Walmart 55 Gallon's hood has a plastic barrier between the bulb and the water. Chances ares your does too. If its plastic you could cut out or remove the plastic part and then use the hood. All you would need is a UVB florescent tube. Then your could remove the lip "door part of the hood" and use a clip light. I could take a pic of mine and show you what I mean.

Ok he is my Walmart Hood:

You could either open it like so:

Or remove the door thing:

The barrier between the bulb and the water is plastic, so it would be easy to cut out a slot to allow the UVB rays to shine through or you could remove it entirely. This was you can use the light strip:

Then you can clip the basking lamp near the back is thats where the basking spot is, I bought a turtle dock that attaches to the side with suction cups:

Thats one way you could do it.