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Got my 75 gallon

I got my 75 gallon today, I will post some pics when its setup. How much ammonia should I put in it?


glad u got ur new tank! thats awsome! what do u mean, ammonia to put in? i would just cycle ur tank empty with putting in fish food this time. just let it go. it will spike then go down on its own. if u have a bio wheel filter, or a biobag that will really help it along. btw, i finally got my led lighted bubblewand! its so cool when its dark:)

I bought a 350 Penguin Bio-Wheel. I'm putting pure ammonia in the tank instead of food. I'm also putting SafeStart in to see if it works. I found one of those bubble wands but it was red and I want blue. No one told me the bio-wheels are really loud, Its gonna be hard to sleep.

Why do you insist on doing things the hard way? lol!!! Putting ammonia in your tank is just adding unwated chemicals. The less chemicals you put in your tank, the better off your fish will be. If you use food, it won't be anything foreign in your tank and it works better as it naturally decomposes in the tank just as it will when the fish are living in the tank when it is cycled.

I'd rather not have some rotting piece of meat in my tank. A lot of people recommend adding pure ammonia instead. So I figured I would do that.

Please let us know how it goes and how long it takes. I'm curious if it will take less time to cycle since you can control the amount of ammonia.

Turns out the kind I bought isn't pure so I'm gonna check around tomorrow to find the correct kind. Most people say about 2-4 weeks. Should I crank up the temp?

I have no idea when it comes to adding pure ammonia. I would think it would speed things along. But, I don't know if the chemical will break down or have a weird reaction to high heat.

I got my 75 gallon tank last week and my husband just built me a stand for it. just finished the stand tonight. I plan on adding the gravel and water from my old tank tonight and than filling the rest with well water. I plan on letting my tank cycle about four days before moving my fish to their new home! I have three blood parrots and two tin foil barbs and they are over crowded, in their tank now. Good luck with your new tank and post pictures when your done!

Hi Silvercat,

I'm not sure how experienced you are. For all I know, you may be more experienced than me:-) But, I just want to make sure that you know that "cycling" a tank is the process of building beneficial bacteria that keeps the aquarium operating at the optimal level. Building this bacteria takes weeks. If you put fish in a tank that does not have this beneficial bacteria built up, you are going to have problems once the bio-load is greater than your beneficial bacteria can handle.

Best of luck with your new tank!!!!

this is the first time i have ever heard of cycling and bio wheels and bubble wands. i just found this site today. i have had varios sizes tanks for years. i have a 55 gallon tank now with a pair of BP,one rainbow shark, a rubber lip alage, chinese algae and a groumi. after reading the other comments it explains some of the thing i have had questions about. my BP pair have been making large holes in the gravel, didn't know they needed to hide.

lol! I would say you have been incredibly lucky with your tanks. Sounds like you've been doing everything right. Otherwise you would have had some bumps in the road. I'm so glad you found us:-)

Even with hiding places, they will still dig in the gravel. They just like to rearrange the landscape. But, they do love their hiding places too. They will thank you when you give them some.

Welcome to the site!!!!

Mine did that before they laid eggs a few days ago.

My fish have never laid eggs. But, one of my fish has been very aggresive and has what looks like a visible breeding tube.

Did you see the breeding tube on your fish before they laid eggs? If so, how long before? Are the eggs really easy to see in the tank?

I can see it on all my parrots right now, even on the baby. It was really noticeable a few days before and after the eggs showed up. Same with the convicts. So far only about 5 eggs have turned white and its been 3 days. It would be awesome if they hatch, but they probably won't.

if any of them r turning white u should remove them before the mess up the water, its a sign that theyre not going to hatch and r growing fungus :(

I will when I change some of the water tonight.

if they lay eggs ul know where :) they wont come out of that spot, at least she wont. and there will be alot of them!:) mine get aggressive with each other when there about to lay eggs, and her breeding tube is bigger.

they really do need to hide. u can use anything, clay pots, teapots, even half coconuts like chrisplosion!:)

I'm not putting any in the new tank.

Heres a pic of the new tank, I'm using an old oak coffee table as a stand. I got the rock from Petco for $8, it was on clearance from $30. I might go buy the last box of it.

Looks great. I love the light. Is that the blue moon light?

No its a regular light, its just a little cloudy and the I didn't have the flash on on the camera. $230 for the tank and it came with hood and lighting. Then I have a 250W Marineland Heater and a 350 Penguin Bio-Wheel, 50lbs of gravel. I want to get the led bubble wand but all they had was red. I also ordered a mini rc submarine to play with in the tank so I can harass my fish to death, joking.

just google the marineland led lighted bubblewand, then look 4 any store that carries it. almost everyone is out of the blue one, but check that fish place, that pet place. they just got some in. i just got mine from them yesterday! :) very cool. i had to put it on backorder though. it took about 2 weeks to get here :( but like i said, they just got some in, better hurry :)

The store I went to sucks, smells and all the products are old. I don't think they are getting anymore any time soon. Petco and Petsmart don't carry, I might try ebay.

get online and try a store called ''this fish place that pet place''. they r the ones who had it. ul pay to much 4 a complicated one on ebay

sorry, the store is called '' that fish place, that pet place''. they should have the light.

I saw it, if I get one I will from there or off ebay.

cool! the ones i saw on ebay were more expensive, and complicated :( this one just suctions to the top (thats were i put it cause i already have a bubble stone), plug it in and done. either way u go there very cool. and i didnt notice the bio wheels being loud, but mine is in the livingroom so maybe i just dont notice in there:) but they r very helpful for the tank.

I wouldn't mind one as a what they are made for, I only have one stone in the tank at the moment. Plus it would be cool to have glowing bubbles. I grow to accept not being able to sleep. My rooms screwed if we have an earthquake, 140 gallons of water on my floor. I think part of my ammonia problem is the fact I hadn't changed the filters in the 55 since I got it a month ago. They were so full the water was flowing over it, but I bought a box of filters today.

Funny you should mention earthquake. I was in one today. I was sitting on the sofa watching the water splash out of the tank and my poor fish freaked out. They all dove for the hiding places. I jumped up to try and keep it from tipping over. If we have a big one, it's all over. I need to find out how to earthquake proof the tank.

I wonder if you should take apart your bio wheel and put it together again. It shouldn't be loud at all. Maybe it's not put together quite right.

thats what i was thinking. mines not loud at all. but i thought maybe i just didnt notice in the livingroom. but come to think of it now, the only thing that makes any noise is the air pump.

The filter it's self inst loud it's the water splashing that's load. I have the water about an inch from te black part but I might fill it a little more. It was a little hard to sleep. I take it that Peanut lives in south Cali?

i have mine filled to the black. if u fill to the top its fine.

I filled it to the black, which I don't like to do, and its a little quieter but not by much. I figured since I have a tank with high ammonia and a tank with with clean new water, I am taking the clean water and putting it in the old tank. That way my 55 gets clean ammonia free water and my 75 gets the ammonia it needs to cycle. With about 4 buckets worth, I have put about 0.25 in the 75.

I don't think I need to worry about cleaning the eggs because they are doing it themselves, about half the eggs have disappeared and the half that are left are not white.

I love to watch my gourami, he will swim up to a fish and start checking them out with his "feeler" things.

i love gouramis! why dont u like to fill ur tank to the top? i guess im just compulsive about things, i cant stand to look at a tank thats not filled :)

I don't know, I just like it a little below the black.

lol! Yep. I live in Redondo Beach. It's in Los Angeles county on the coast. I hate earthquakes!!

When I first got my filter I didn't fill it to the top either. I had to get up six times during the night to go to the bathroom. I guess it was the sound of the water. lol!! Since then, I've had it filled as high as I can get it. It's much quieter now.

Yeah, I heard about the earthquakes and it made think. The combined sound of 4 filters really adds up at 1 AM. The bio-wheel just shoots the water out fast and makes its loud. Couldn't find the correct ammonia so I'm getting 5 blue platies. It would be nice to keep them but when Marley gets a little bigger he will probably eat 'em. The blue ones are the pretties.

I have a platy tank. My first tank was a community tank with platties and I still have some of them. Sadly, I lost some with the new tank syndrome. That's when I had no idea about keeping fish. At that point, I'd never even heard the term "cycling a tank" They are tough little fish.

I've never even seen blue Platties. I'll have to look for them.

I have been wanting to combine my Platties with the BP's. But, like you said, they would end up being someones dinner at some point. I wonder if the BP's would harass the Platties. At this point, they wouldn't be able to eat them. The Platties are too big.

I don't see a problem with them being with parrots, Marley is an oscar. I like the blue platies over the orange/red. I lost $100 worth of fish to new tank syndrome. I think you could add the platies.

That is such a incredible deal. I wish there was a Walmart close to me. I looked online a few weeks back when you got your 55 gallon. But, I didn't see any large tanks. They must be only in the stores:(

You'll have to upload a pic of the submarine. I wonder if the fish will follow it around. lol!

I bought it at Petsmart. Walmart only sells 10, 20, 29 and 55. The Walmart we shop at is in another town and they only sell the tanks in store. I will do you one better and upload a video. I won't get it for a couple weeks cause its coming from Hong Kong and they weren't shipping because of Easter for some reason.