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Aquarium Calculator

You should calculate yours and post the results.

Mine says with Marley and Ziggy in my 75G I would be at 75% at adult size and I need more filtration.


Its pretty fun to mess with.

Oh awesome I'm gonna do it!

It said I was at 91% capacity and I have plenty of filtration and that I need at least 5 of the Silver Dollars (know that already, working on it, at 2) and at least 5 Green Tiger Barbs (know that too, workin on it, at 2 again) so I think I'm doin pretty good considering only a parrot cichlid and a toxotes jaculator are gonna be left............

toxotes jaculator?

The archer fish. I would love to have one but I would doubt it would be able to survive in freshwater. I don't know how much salt it needs in the tank. I can't find any though even if I had a brackish tank.

do you know if Silver Dollars are sensitive to salt?

I don't think they would mind a little but brackish is half fresh half salt. So I don't know how an archer would do in only a little salty. You should ask on yahoo answers.

good idea

Because if they can handle it I would love to find one. They are so fun to watch.

most likely.....or jaculatrix, they are pretty similar I think.

sorry.....I use the latin names a lot

that website was messed up, it kept throwing me into other strange sites like the yellow pages. then kept freezing up. but i think it said that i was way overstocked and im not sure how that can be. i have a 55 long w/ 2 bps, 1 pictus,2 gouramis, and 6 tetras. i didnt even get to mention my pleco when it said that! but it also said that the tetras couldnt live with bps and i know thats not true, my bps dont even notice them.

Ya it said you were at 105% not including the pleco.

i dont get it. do u think im overstocked? i was already going to get rid of the pleco and get a smaller version. but nothing else in my tank gets big exept the bps.

Its all calculation. So on paper it might say you are overstocked but in real life you might not be. I think you are fine with what you have, the parrots aren't overly aggressive to the point where they will kill an fish that crosses them like my flowerhorn tried to do. The tetras shouldn't change anything, same with the pictus. Now there might be conflict with the gouramies later on but not much.

One thin I don't get is people don't take into account that some fish don't care that other fish are there, like my parrots didn't care about the tetras but when Mr B was introduced that got Piglet into an uproar. The only problem I see with yours is the pleco is gonna produce a lot of waste when it gets bigger so you will need a good filtration for 2 fully grown parrots, 2 gouramies, and a pleco, the tetra don't really matter.

I don't want a pleco and I really don't want one in my 75 with Marley because if he tries to eat it it will kill him. Maybe you could get a regular algae eater, they only get to about a foot.

well yeah, i wanted to get a smaller version :) i want something to clean the algea but not one that will get so big. i was already thinking about getting rid of the pleco :(

Get a golden or chinese algae eater.

I Agree!!!

how big do they get? i dont know much about algea eaters :( thats why i got the one i got (before i started doing research)

Like a pleco but not as big.,%20Chinese%20Algae%20Eater.htm

I would get a Chinese over a Golden.

what about a simease algea eater shark? that site said the chinese can be agressive with others like kissing gouramis and dont want to eat ur algea once they get a taste for food. the simease dont get big,r peaceful, and eat all kinds of algea! if i could only find one :(

I kept a Chinese in with mine till the coppersafe killed him and he wasn't a problem. I also had one along time ago in the family tank he was never a problem. I think simease would be fine, I have never had one tho. Gold one get nasty bumps on their face if they are male. You could get a dwarf pleco if you find one like bushynose. They get to about 6".

So do parrots get along ok with all tetras?

By the way, I am the creator of AqAdvisor. I am here, looking for some useful feedback and looks like I've got some. :)

yes i think they do, mine do fine with the 6 bleeding hearts i have in there. before that there were black skirts in there and the bps didnt care about them either. can i ask u a question? im not sure how ur calulator works. it said i was at 105% capacity, but i really dont think its that full. i have a 55 long w/ 2 bps, 2 gouramis,1pictus, 6 tetras. im not sure how that can be so overstocked. the only ones that get big is the bps.

So even small tetras like Neons will work ok with Parrots?

I may have over-estimated the bioload level for blood parrot.
Also, do they reach 8 inches? This matters too...


Parrots can reach 8 inches. They might eat neon tetras but tetras with flat bodies like bleeding hearts are fine.

Got it - will mark it as more peaceful (hence no aggression related warnings) and also mark its "mouth size" to 1.5 inches - which means it will eat anything up to 1.5 inches, including Neons.


They are pretty peaceful but they are cichlids.

ur calculator is a really good idea though :) welcome to the site!

Thanks! :)

Yes I have seen mine get along with tetras. But they would try to eat smaller ones like the neons.