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INFLAMMATION?? PLEASE HELP! -Baby Passed Away Tonight.-

Hello everyone
I've had a tank of 8 parrot fish for about 5 years now and they've been really healthy. about 2 days ago, i found one of them with a... i guess the only way to describe it is, an inflammed nostril?? it looks like a sort of bubble, with white undergrowth of some sort. the parrot fish's lips are also noticably bigger than normal. above its upper lip is a white growth matter that looks kind of fuzzy. i'm super worried about the fish, i don't know what to do, what to give it for medication, or what i should do to prevent the disease from spreading to the other fish?? if someone knows ANYTHING, PLEASE PLEASE HELP!

I CAME HOME FROM WORK TODAY AND THE FISH WAS BELLY UP ON THE BOTTOM OF THE TANK. we removed it quickly from the tank to isolate it and now it's swimming fine, but the infection site looks worse than yesterday. it seems to be redder, bigger in size, and more fuzzy. all the pet stores are closed at this time and i know walmart doesn't carry any of the fish antibiotics. i will have to go tomorrow, but not sure what to get! if anyone knows which i should use, please let me know!! i don't want my Baby to die, please help.

*1:48 AM* Baby passed away an hour ago. It seemed whatever was growing on her nostril came from underneath her skin on her head, and her forehead was beginning to distort. I'm very sad and it's never easy losing a fish. She will be missed. Thank you for everyone's input though, it was great to know there was a site like this one where people are willing to help each other out.

- Alessandra

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i dont know much about diseases, but it could b inflimation or it could be hole in the head,or ich. (im not sure) i know ul get some good disease advice here soon,but in the mean time i would say to do a good water change w/ some stress coat w/ aloe. also i would raise the temp to 84-86 degrees. aquarium salt is also good 4 alot of things. just a start. like i said though, im sure ul get alot of really good disease advice comin at ya soon. do a water change turn up the heat a bit and hang tight.

It almost looks like he injured himself. But, you said one of the bumps is fuzzy? That would indicate a fungus. Hopefully someone will weigh in who has experience with something like this. I can tell you one thing, it isn't Ick.

I agree with Kickazzkatie. You can never go wrong with water changes. Disease is normally due to poor water conditions which lower the fish immune systems. You want to make sure you keep your water parameters perfect. Ammonia and nitrites zero and nitrates at 20 or below.

I know alot of ppl like stress coat. I'll probably get booed for this. But, I'm not such a fan. Stress coat has Aloe Vera in it. Although, it's great for humans, it's a huge irritant to fish. It helps the fish create more of a slime coat by irritating it so much, the slime coat production goes into overdrive. I'm more of a fan of Aquarium salt. It aids in gill funtion and slime coat. Most parasites also do not like salt.

KICKAZZKATIE and PEANUT, i did some googling after i posted this yesterday and i think it's most likely fungus. i bought Jungle's Fungus Clear tabs and did a water change yesterday, tested everything and the water parameters are perfect. checked on them this morning, and they seem happier :) i think tonight i will use the fungus clear, i've already removed the carbon from the filter. let's hope it works!

also, i forgot about the aquarium salt! it sounds like something i should invest in.

totally! get some of that. i hope it all works out :)

I have to say, it looks like an injury to me also. I wonder if the bubble was an abcess. Your BP could have fungus on part of the injury. I think it could be an injury that is bacterial and a fungus is on the part that the abcess is not on.
Abcesses are not to be taken lightly. Idealy it should open and let the "poison" out. Then it needs to drain. The longer it is an abcess the more it can affect your fish.
You need to get antibiotics in your tank. They need to be able to work with what you are putting in for fungus, In my oppinion the infection is more important than the fungus. Meaning I would use antibiotics that are really good, then find a fungus cure to go with them. The fungus is a secondary problem from your fishes injury, I am going to do some checking for the best stuff to treat this with. I will get back.
Oh, Definately use the aquarium salt. It would be beneficial to you BP.
You will need to raise the temp to just about 82 degrees. (Watch closely as aquarium heaters are not the best at being exact when changing temps.
Salt serves as a general tonic and stress reducer for freshwater fish. During disease and stress, healthy gill function of fish is disturbed. This can lead to the loss of electrolytes through the gills (sometimes called osmotic shock), reducing the intake of oxygen and release of carbon dioxide. Freshwater Aquarium Salt replenishes natural electrolytes and promotes healthy gill function. Temporarily blocks the toxic effects of nitrite to freshwater fish until water quality improves. It will not change pH. but should not be used as a substitute for marine aquarium salt. 1 Tbsp for every 5 gallons of water

Okay, Here is what I found. I have read in several places, the combination of
Maracyn (erythromycin) is effective against C. columnaris, and using Maracyn 2 (minocycline) in conjuntion with it will treat the Aeromonas bacteria as well.
It states on the insert of both products, that it is perfectly safe to use both together.
It is not unusual to see fuzz growing on fish, and when we do, it is clear that the fish in most cases is ill. This fuzz is sometimes described as cotton wool and some people refers to fuzz as cotton wool disease. Others call all fuzz fungus. But only rarely is the fuzz or cotton growth that we can observe caused by fungi; in most cases it is caused by a bacterium.
White fuzz on fins and body is most likely a bacterial illness, often called flex, columnaris, or cotton wool disease that is caused by a bacteria--Flavobacterium columnare (formerly called Flexibacter columnare). Columnaris can be a very quick killer, especially when it infects the gills. Flex often looks fuzzy--like cotton wool--but not always. Sometimes there may be redness and ulcers/sores. Redness in the mouth area is sometimes flex. Flex may also be seen as greyness or yellowness to the slime coat of fish. Another symptom is a saddle back lesion where the fish turns gray in the upper part of its body. It is important to isolate the fish in a hospital tank to reduce the risk of the disease spreading to other fish. Some strains of columnaris can be hard to treat. If the fish is salt tolerant, add 1 tsp of salt per gallon of water. Adding salt to your main tank will help prevent infection because it keeps flex from being able to stick to the fish. The fish will need antibiotics. Several antibiotics may be effective against columnaris - erythromycin and oxytetracycline are traditionally thought to have really good effects. Other options are sulfa drugs, nitrofuran antibiotics, and potassium permanganate.
Good Luck!

i will try looking up some of the antibiotics you mentioned. thank you

You should be able to find both meds at a pet shop or aquarium shop. Call around.
Maracyn Two
Good luck

i am sooooo sorry about ur fish! people dont realize that pets become a part of our family (even fish)! its so hard to lose them, but i think the pain is worth all the wonderful times that they give us. and dont give up, fish deserve good pet parents like u!

I am very sorry that you lost your BP. Most of us on this website know how how much you can love a fish. Especially these fish.

I'm so sorry you lost Baby Alessandra.

RIP Baby