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Bubblegum/ Jellybean parrot? Also Pictures

When I was in Petsmart today, I noticed they sold Blood Red Parrots and Blood Parrots. The Blood Parrot are not orange and have black stripes and some spots near the tail. I bought the coolest looking one, a small bichir, and a cute little baby tiger oscar. Are those the bubblegum/jellybean parrots? They are not dyed. I will upload a pic when I find my camera.

New Parrot (unnamed)

Bichir "Spike" and one of my crabs


55 Gallon tank

Baby 1" Oscar "Marley"

Oscar "Oscar" (10 gal, in ich treatment)

Jack Dempsey "Rockwell" (20 gal)

And of course Mr. Bubbles (20 gal)

20 Gallon Tank

10 Gallon Tank


the ones with black stripes usually just havent turned orange yet. i cant believe u got another oscar :) how big is ur tank? jellybeans just arent as big (and usually dyed).

I have a 55 and the other one I have ins't going in it. I'm gonna get another 55 or 75 in the next year. I'm uploading pics now.

cool! i wanna see! :)

I posted them on the main post.

so cute! im sure the grey one w/ the stripes is just really young and hasnt turned orange yet.

Its the same size as Piglet and they said it was a different breed. I also post pics of my other fish and tanks.

there adorable! i love ur new fish! im still worried about my pictus :( he wont come out of hiding and im afraid hes not getting enough to eat :( do u think hell come out in a couple days or should i worry?

I would have gotten a pic of mine if they weren't hiding as well. I'm pretty sure its normal behavior. Just put some food near where ever it is hiding and it should come out and suck it up like a vaccume. I have had mine since last Sunday and they still hide but occasionally come out are night time. I also have a small angelfish in the 55. The new Oscar is so cute, hes not bigger than an inch and he hasn't even gotten his red yet. I think growing up around the other fish in the tank will help with the aggression.

thats sooo cute! my pictus is no bigger than an inch too. i hope he comes out of hiding. and i hope urs do well too! :)

One is about an inch and the other is about 2 inches. Make sure you have sinking fish food for them. I don't think they like peas.

he wont go to the bottom anyway. and i feed flakes and shrimp and all kinds of things

I know they don't like peas or at least mine don't. I freed them granules, not as big as pellets.

i dont feed him peas,thats just for the parrots. i feed flakes and shrimp and stuff. hopefully hes getting some of that cause like i said he wont go to the bottom of the tank to get anything else.

Well since I put the new fish in the tank my pictuses have been swimming at the top as well.

i hope thet come out of it.

It might take a couple weeks. I still don't know what my parrot is. Maybe the ones that are orange have been "juice" like Oscars unfortunately and thats why they have their color at such a small age. Or maybe I just have a convict parrot.

alot of them look like that before they turn orange. give it some time and see what he does. hes probably just young.

I am just curious how blood parrots are so common if all the males are sterile? how do the procreate? This doesn't make sense to me. I'm wondering if its just a rumor being spread by anti parrot people to make people not want to breed them. If someone could clear this up for me it would be great.
I'm also curious of the different types of cichlids that bps can breed with. Ive heard of convicts, severums, flowerhorns, green terrors. Id just like to know if anyone has actually successfully bred any other types of cichlids with bps or these types.
Thank you.
I will post pics of my parrots when i get a chance. 3 in a 75 for now.