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i know this is 4 bps,but does anyone know anything about tetras?

i have 9 tetras in a 55 gallon with 2 bps. all is well except 4 the fact that the tetras will ONLY hang out in the corner of one side of the tank! and its kind of infuriating because there beautiful, and the worst part is that as soon as i turn off the light they start swimming around more! does anyone have any ideas on why or what i can do, if anything?


tetras come from the amazon, their natural environment is marshy and shaded from light by plants and murky water, they probably feel quite vulnerable, as your parrots get bigger, they begin to look more and more like a snack to them(are they neons), make sure there is an area which is shaded and only big enough for them , such as dense foliage, it might help

no they're bleeding heart tetras, they're more than big enough not to get eaten. and the parrots dont even care about them. as for the hiding and shade, i put up a bunch of big tall plants in the middle of the tank (i did that when sun was bullying tangerine) and they dont hang around near that? i used to have 3 high fin tetras and never had this problem. i just dont get these little guys :( thank you for your thoughts, its nice to get some knowledge :)