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Can 2 Male Blood Parrots coexist in the same tank?

I have two female blood parrots and one male in a tank together(55gallon).

I was given a blood parrot of the same size by my hubby for my b-day.  Turns out he is a male though.

I can sex them easily and I know for sure he's a male.  Problem is that my male that is already in the tank is acting agressive with the new male.  Bullying him and pushing him around quite a bit. 

Question is;
Can they coexist in the same tank?  and will they hurt each other too badly?  My parrots have always gotten along pretty well except for the occocasional scuffle.
Will my dominant male stress the new male out too badly?

What should I do? Please Help!!!



well i do believe that i have 2 males. when i first got them the bigger 1 was really tormenting the other! the littler 1 even got a bunch of black spots from stress.i thought i was gonna have 2 get rid of the bully, but i stuck it out. everyone told me it might take 5-6 weeks 4 them to calm down. what i did was got a bunch of really tall big plants and put them in the middle of the tank. i thought they would pick sides. they didnt,but it seems to have worked cause they calmed down and now they hardly bother each other. its just an idea that worked 4 me. good luck!

i have 4 bps. 1 female and 3 males in a 55g tank thats going on two years with then all in it. they mess around a lil but nothing even close to worry about.

I am curious, how can you tell males from female BPs?

one way is that males have a breeding tube like this V and females like this U, (if you have a pair to compare it is quite asy to spot) the other way is to vent them but that involves picking them up and turning them over!!!!!!!

The reason I asked sonyamcc77 how they knew that the BPS were both males. It is very hard to tell, and even if you think you know for sure the sex, you might not. :) I wanted to be sure they even had a 2 male problem. :)

If your aggressive male gets out of hand, you can rearrange the tank decor a bit and put some tall plant like kickasskatie did or something else that creates sort of a border/break in the center of the tank. Sometime that'll work. It wouldn't work for my BP but it might work for others, depends on how aggressive/territorial/determined the dominant BP is.