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Please help, possible Malachite Green/ Formalin poisoning during treatment for Ich!

I'm quite new to fish having Ich, I have a ten gallon tank and applied the prescribed amount and he seemed fine for 24 hours. Thought this wasn't as risky a medication for cichlids in comparison to catfish and other scale-less fish. I just added the second dose in only an hour ago only to come back from class to see my fish on his side, breathing heavily. Now I'm not sure if there's a way to save my little guy other than a massive water change, quarantining, and hoping for the best. Any thoughts/ miracles?


Malachite green/formalin is a form of formaldehyde.
I am not sure from your message how many fish are in your tank and which is having a problem. I do know several types of fish have had this happen.
Isolation into a tank with charcoal filter (maybe two, if you can figure out how), would be a good start. Depending on how you do it, drain water daily (that came from original tank, now in hospital tank) and replace water daily. Maybe 1/3 1st day. 1/4 after. You do not want to make the fish worse so watch water chems. Try not to shock it in any way. Attempt to remove the meds from the water at a fairly fast rate. Raise temp and watch carefully. If this fish had ich, you may still have to deal with that, but not with this med and probably not now.
I would use a chlorine remover (when you replace water) that protects fish body slime.
If it is not too far gone, I know of cases where the fish lived.
Good luck!

Thank you for your help.
He was a little guy, only about 2 inches long excluding his tail, and he shared a tank with a pleco (who I'm pretty sure was the one harboring the Ich to begin with) of about the same length. I was actually just about to move them into a new, larger tank for them to really stretch their fins in.
I immediately plopped him into warmer, de-chlorinated water; did a massive 50%+ water change and put the carbon filter-layer back in. Unfortunately I guess the stress of being moved was too much for him or maybe the meds had affected him more than he was showing (I hear malachite green especially can be harmful to gills when they're damaged from Ich colonization and even acts as a respiratory poison) when I gave him his second dose today and he died shortly after I posted the original message. I'm pretty devastated. I was using Rid-Ich+, so maybe at least I can warn other people in using this, at least not at full dosage on their blood parrots.
I'm surprised how bad it got in such a relatively short amount of time, though. Only 2 hours in between my dosing him and finding him lying on the tank floor dying. I just did some research on it and apparently Rid-Ich+ isn't even the strongest Ich medication out there, maybe this was just a terrible fluke. Hopefully it won't happen to anybody else's fish.

Is the affected fish a BP?

I'm very sorry to hear you lost your little guy. I know we all get so attached to our fish. I would cry my eyes out if I lost one of mine.

If you ever have this problem again, you can treat Ick with a tank temp of 86 degrees and adding aquarium salt. The tank temp needs to be increased slowly. It will shock a fish to just plop it in a tank that is even a few degrees hotter.

Best of luck to you with your remaining fish.

I am so sorry that you lost you BP. They are so easy to love. Unfortunately this can happen.
I have some good advise for you before you get another. Scour the internet and/or get a good book that gives you basic information about raising tropical fish, and then Cichlids. Check the info on this website, and good weblinks. The more you know, the better you will do.

Then when you are ready you can have your tank ready. Check Shops for the best healthiest fish you can find. Hopefully you will have a better outcome.

I think that is one of the biggest problems people have when they get their first BP, they buy on the spot. Many places just sell the fish and don't really care if you have a good experience. Others are willing to work with you to help you do well with your fish. It is best to look at the fish for good health and no obvious problems. If the BP is not quite right, or if there are any sick or dead fish in the tank, Skip it. No matter how cute they are.

I want you to have a really good outcome next time.

I have a 45 gallon tank, it has 2 BPs, they have not died yet but they are lying on their sides....... i did a massive water change, added conditioner and cycle nutrifin, yesterday, they are still stressed, i think they have ike, i went and bought some ike medicine and just put have the dose at 2 pm, and i just did another dose, i also just added 5tbps of aquarium salt and put the heater in to heat the water slowly, any other suggestions? or is this ok and pray for the best? thanks