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Parrot Fish Perfect Water Temperature


I've heard all kinds of stories and suggestions regarding Parrot Fish water temperatures. But no two comments agree.

One of my older 'brats' is experiencing skin colour changes from bright orange to almost light grey at times. I just can't figure out if this colour change is due to stress, food, or water temperature.

Their tanks are sitting at 74-76 degrees F. Is this too low for these fish.

Any ideas?



Comments apparantly they can take up to 82 degrees f. i have mine at 78 and they seem alright with it :P

I have mine at 80 and they are fine. Try bumping the temp up a little at a time.. it might be too cold for them. Cichlids like it on the warmer side.

ive heard up to 86 i keep mine at 81-82 all the time

Temperature around 78-82 seems to be ideal.

I like 80 degrees. Being constant is important.