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Angel Fish with Parrot Cichlid

Ok so I have 2 BP with 3 angel fish. The BPs are not full grown one still has black. This morning I found one of my angel fish flouting at the top of the tank so I was thinking"is there something wrong with the water". But there wasnt the probblem was that someone at the angel fish. He was the bigger of the 3 but I saw the smallest angel eating of of him. Do you think my 2 smaller angel fish killed him or my BP? My other 2 angel fish are fine togeather cause they r siblings so they've been together for ever but would that make them agresive to  the other one?The other angels are fine with my other fish and my BP are fine with all the other fish to so I don't know why they killed him.

ps. i know the fish killed him because his eye balls were gon and his fins were eating off and a lot of his scales were picked away. Please help I want to know if all my fish are safe togeather. I also have 3 rosey barbs in the tank if that makes any differance put they usaly just hang around eachother and leave the other fish alone.



just because ur angelfish was chewed up and eaten from doesnt necessarily mean he was killed by ur fish. he could very well have just been eaten from after he died. so make sure u keep checking for other possible problems.

i aggree that there could be a few dsaeses the angel fish had like jerseygiant88 said he probably got ate after he died

But the water was fine and al my other fish are fine so what else would have killed him??

All o my other fish are fine and i checked to water every thing is fine with that

You should only keep one angelfish in a tank. they are solitary fish that will chew the fins off the weaker angel if you try to keep more than one. This is probably what happened.

they most likely did not kill him. I have angels in two of my tanks now. 6 in 1 tank and 3 in the other and they all do well togther. the 6 have been togther for almost 2 years now although I had 3 to start then added 3 more a few month later. the bigger ones were not that bad with the smaller and they all have thier own space in the tank now. they also lived with my parrots when they were little. the parrots were always nice to them. the tank I have with 3 still has a parrot in it he never bothers them.