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I think my parrot fish is sick, please help!

My parrot fish (Mango) was very tiny and lacked a lot of color when we first bought him. He's grown a lot within the last few months and has developed a beautiful orange color to him. However, lately he's been acting really weird. He won't eat his food, and actually stores some of it inside the plant in his cage. The weird thing is, the food has this white stuff growing around it. Mango has also lost a lot of his color. What could possibly be wrong? We cleaned his cage two days ago because we thought maybe something had gotten into his water, but the stuff is still growing around his food. I'm going to the pet store today to buy new food, but I really don't understand it at all, and im worried he will soon pass away.

Please help!




well it sounds like the problem is that you are leaving food in the tank and it is developing some kind of fungus or bacteria that is not good for him. you should never leave uneaten food in the tank for extended periods of time. you should get all of the food out of the tank and do at least a 50% water change immediately. nothing got into the water, the food IS the problem.

the reason he is not eating could be because he is having some kind of digestive problems. get a bag of frozen peas, thaw a few out, remove the shells and try to feed them to your parrot. if he doesnt eat them, fish out whatever pieces are in the tank and try again a few hours later. do not, i repeat, do not allow food to sit in the tank. it would help greatly if you could fill us in on the following questions:

- what is your tank size?
- what other, if any, fish are in the tank with your BP?
- what are your nitrate, nitrite, and ammonia readings?

keep us posted on what happens.

I'm no expert by any means. There are people on here much more advanced then I am who would be better able to help you. My thought is that maybe what you think is food is eggs that have gone bad? I've never seen any of my fish store food before however I have 2 females who regularly spawn with my male and they guard the eggs till they turn all white. Usually they eat them at this point but maybe your fish doesn't know to do this and it's harming your water quality. Have you tested your water recently? Does she have tank mates that are stressing her...I've read that this can make them pale too. Get rid of all the white stuff, do a water change and be sure to test your water. I hope someone else gets back to you...maybe they will have better ideas. Good luck!

Hey everyone. I went to the pet store to ask them. They believe i was feeding him too much, or maybe he was getting sick of his food. They told me the white stuff was probably the food decomposing. I didn't think my fish was actually sick, because other than his color fading a little, he didnt have anything growing on him.

I also didnt have a heater in there (didn't think you needed one, because when I bought him they sold me everything needed for his tank) Anyways, i had him only on a pellet diet, but my pet store told me to give him blood worms. I also bought him a bigger tank because he's gotten quite big since I first bought him. I re-decorated everything. Bought new rocks, got the bubble maker, new filter, everything..and he seems much more happier!! I fed him the blood worms and he instantly liked them. I put one pellet in, and he didn't go near it, so maybe he isnt liking the pellets anymore? I don't know. Also, i saw him go to the bathroom a few minutes after i have him the blood worms, so maybe the pellets were giving him digestive problems? Hopefully with his new set up, new food, he will do just fine! (better do fine, i spent a lot of money on him today! lol)

Also, if any of you have the bubble maker, do you shut it off when you feed your fish? It seems to make it more difficult i guess.

you should not put him into the new tank right away unless you used the filter, substrate, and/or water from the old tank. if you did this it will be ok, otherwise, the tank needs to cycle and your fish may suffer in the process. you should do daily water changes as your tank cycles to prevent nitrite, nitrate, and ammonia from getting too high. if you need info about cycling go here:

also, make sure you get the peas because that will help him with his digestive problems. only feed twice a day max, and only what he will eat quickly. another good thing to do if you feed floating pellets is to make sure to soak them for a couple of hours before feeding, this helps prevent any digestive problems as well. good luck with your BP

Please help, my parrot fish is blue, and his/her head is turning green, is that normal? And are there any signs that you can see if the parrot fish is a Male or Female?

your fish is dyed and is probably losing its color. it will eventually fade all the way back to orange if it lives that long. fish that are dyed go through an extremely cruel process by which they are dipped in acid to burn off their slime coat, then dipped in dye, and then dipped into another chemical to regrow their slime coat. 80% of fish that go through this die and those that survive encounter many health problems. most people who buy dyed fish are either unaware of this process or are told that it is not actually cruel. in the future please avoid purchasing dyed fish.

the best you can do to help your little guy is to keep his water extra clean because they are more susceptible to disease and, if possible, get a uv sterilizer to keep any bacteria and parasites out of the water. good luck with your BP, im sure you will do your best to take care of him.