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Oscar and Parrot?

I have a new baby Oscar and a new small blood parrot in a 55 gallon tank.  Will this be okay?  The store clerk told me it would be.  Thanks for your help.


they will be ok for a while but as they grow they will both become more aggressive with the parrot coming off worse, I would never mix the two, having had both in the past, HOWEVER, I have read about people having both and them getting on, be prepared to move one on, also being an African cichlid and a new world one, they have different water reqirements

Can you please tell me what the difference is in their water requirements? Thanks again.

they're both new world cichlids and so they should have similar water requirements, that should not be a problem for you. your real problem is your tank size. while a 55 would be good for a BP and some other kinds of cichlids, it is way way too small for an oscar. oscars can get up to 14"-15" and would need nothing less than a 75 by themselves. in a 55 the oscar could get stunted and he will almost certainly eventually kill your BP when they start getting too cramped. oscars also grow faster than BP's so it could get ugly. i would return the oscar and get another BP or smaller type of cichlid. if you really like the oscar, return the BP and you could get away with keeping the oscar in the 55 by itself if you are good about water changes but even that is pushing it.

check this out:

oscars are from america and parrot fish have there parents from america

apologies, quite right!!unless they have moved the amazon to Africa! my excuse is that i had just finished a 15hour night shift when i posted!!!!!so I guess its a question of aggressiveness and space,i still wouldn't mix though!

oscars can live okay in a 55 gallon tank. i have a oscar in a 50gallon tank right now actually...
but as for a BP being with an oscar, i strongly agree that you get rid of one of the two. or if you really like them, get a different tank for them

I hate to hear that they shouldn't live together. Right now they act like best friends, both being the same size. I might try it for awhile, and then get another tank to separate them. I have had Oscars before, and this one is full of personality. I REALLY like the baby BP! It also has a great personality. He/she went 2 days hiding when I came near, but tonight when I came in from work, he/she looked me full in the face, wanting to eat. I love it! Thanks for your info.

they CAN live together, especially since they will be together from a young age, but they cannot live together in THAT tank. a lot of people would say that an oscar shouldnt be kept in anything less than a 75 gallon even by itself.

oscars should live in a 75 gallon tank. they get VERY large 14" or so. other than that, i think it should work if your oscar isn't one of the more aggressive ones. cichlid personalities can vary a lot and sometimes you can get a nice flowerhorn or an evil oscar. the size difference could end up being a problem too. parrots do not have any good weapons to defend themselves and they are not fast swimmers. i would return the oscar if you can't get a larger tank and get a cichlid that tops out around 8 to 10 inches for a max size. minimum size s/b at least 2 to 3 inches as an adult. notr africans (except jewel cichlids)

i would say depends on the fish i have a jag, red terror, and a green terror with my 9 parrots. they all get along pretty well . now i did have a pink convict with them and he took the tank over so i had to remove him. i just feed them less amount and more times a day.

how big is your tank? how long has your tank been this way? juvenile fish are only a little like the adults in aggression. the green terror might be ok but the jag abd rt may empty your tank at some point. that is too many fish for any tank under a 150 gallon. this is not a good example for tankmates for a bp. even if it is working for you, it will most likely not work for anyone else.

my tank is a 280 gallon they have been together for year and a half the jag is the least agressive one of the bunch the parrots rule the tank it wasnt my plan to put it in with them but it was getting beat on in the other tanks i have so i placed him in there to keep him from being killed works pretty good so far and i do know that it is unlikley to work for anyone else

It is working because you have a large tank and there are alot of cichlids in it. it is the same theory with crowding africans. crowding does decrease aggression with NW cichlids too. I am used to seeing people post your tank population in a 55 gallon. even my aunt was asking about what fish she could get for her tank. she wanted an oscar. i asked her how big her tank was and she said 10 gallons. i told her to get some rams or kribs.