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Blood Parrot feeding problems

My BP seems to have trouble feeding.  He doesn't seem to see the food when it is right in front of him.  I am worried abut him getting enough to eat.  Are there any feeding problems with the type of fish that I don't know about?



well there could be, it depends on a lot of stuff. if you answer the following questions it will help us figure out if there is a problem or not.

what other fish, if any, are in the tank with him?
is he swimming/behaving normally?
how long have you had him?

if there's no other problem lets take a look at different foods( mine miss whats under their nose(!) too,)the question should be a) what size are the pellets etc,I know they are big fish but parrots have odd shaped mouths and no teeth to speak of,so try breaking food into smaller bits so they can really "suck" it in,I nip a shelled frozen pea(really, really, good for them) into 1/2 or 1/4 then ask how long it floats for, pellets that sink holds little interest for a parrot, they just dash around looking for more, eventually they will eat from the tank floor if really hungry, don't give too much flake as they gulp air in,ask your LFS what they feed then see if you can wangle a few free granules or whatever PS for any new members , shelled, frozen, thawed peas help to prevent digestive problems, feed a few once a week, and it does your fish no harm at all, to fast them for one day each week, don't forget, its said that a fish stomach is the same size as its eye, so don't overfeed,more fish are lost from the consequences of overfeeding than die of malnutrition

My parrots were having problems with their smaller cichlid pellets. I order from Foster's & Smith all the time for our dogs & fish supplies because there's better prices & selection than our local pet stores. I found OSI Blood Red Parrot Pellets & Ocean Nutrition Brine Shrimp Plus Flakes.....My BP's love these foods. They have no problem with the pellets, they're just the right size. I feed flakes in the morn, pellets at night, they get Blood Worms once a week. They're not crazy about peas, but I do try to get them to eat them. Plus I fast them once a week. I try not to look at them too much on fast day because I feel sorry for them. They come to the front of the aquarium & stare.