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New Owner of Parrot Fish - Fighting Issues

Hi, I bought two parrot cichild fish. One is 1 1/2" approx and the second one is hearth face and is about 2 1/2" long. I was told to start with just a couple and add more fish within a month. However, I got a present (pretty surprised about it) which was one more parrot fish 1 1/2" approx a couple of days ago. I have 55 gallon tank and I had the water tested already and everything is perfect.
Before the third fish was added, the two fish were getting along overall; I noticed that the big one was a little bully but not a lot. Now that the third fish was added, the big one was taken over the sleeping log where the two fish used to be and got along great. If any of the two fish get to close to this hidding space, the big one bites them and chases them away. Then, the second fish takes it against the newest fish and chases it around the tank as well.
I am a little concerned that they will harm each other and that I will loose them. I just lost a fish that I had for almost ten years and don't want to loose these new pets. After reading your site, I realized that I need to get them more hiding places and I might also encounter some issues having three of them because of space limitations.

I am not sure if they are male or female. I can't tell the difference between them.

I really need help determining if I need to only leave two of these fish or if by adding more hiding places, it would help them get along better. Also is it normal that the bigger fish wants to spend all his time inside the hiding place and as soon as it sees me coming to the room, it hides under this log. Please advise.



get enough hiding spots so that they each have their own plus maybe one or two more. Since you just added new fish, they are probably just establishing their pecking order. BP's dont have teeth so they cant do any serious damage to each other in a fight. the stress of getting chased around could eventually kill a fish, but this takes a long time.

if i were you, i would get the hiding places and see what happens. give it a week or two. if the fighting is still serious after that time you may have to consider removing one. however, i think that everything should settle down once the fish get used to each other and the pecking order is established. you may still see occasional scraps but nothing serious and nothing that will seriously threaten the health of your BP's. if you keep an eye on the tank and monitor behavior everything should be ok, keep us posted

also, BP's can get shy when they are placed in a new tank or there are major changes in their environment, so your hiding fish is probably just a little nervous/shy. just stay by your tank and he will eventually come out. dont worry about it

well this is exactly like the probablem i had with my 4 parrot fish i added them all at once,
however this is fine behaviour becouse they will only do this for about a couple of days then they will stop and be more frendlier with each other but a parrot fish bit really dosent hurt the other fish becouse they bearly can bite.

i promise this behaviour will ween off and then they will be frendlyer towards each other.

good luck, thanks.

it is just common behavour