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Fish staying on bottom

Hello! My one parrot chichlid is eating normal and can swim normal to eat. However, he seems to want to rest on the bottom whenever he isn't swimming for food. He looks healthy and his appetite hasn't changed. Any ides of why he would be resting on the bottom so much? I give them peas once a week to try and prevent swim bladder---could this be the problem? Or is this normal behavior? Thanks for your help!


Have you checked your water to make sure there's no ammonia, high nitrates? From what I was told.. if a fish stays at the bottom it's something wrong with the water. Did you change something in the tank or in the room that the tank is in that could be scaring him? It's amazing, but I have noticed my parrots don't really care for change. They like things to be in the same spot or they shy away.

Well yes recently I moved them into a larger tank but they seem very content in it they didn't go into hiding really at all and their appetites remained the same. I don't think he is hiding because he comes right up to me every time he sees me and doesn't seem to be scared. As far as the water quality before I transferred them I had the water checked to make sure all my levels were good and also that the water was about the same. I just double checked my amonia level yesterday and it was good. The only difference is my new tank has a naturally higher PH becasue I used substrate. Before I moved them I gradually raised the PH in their old tank so they would get used to it prior to the switch. The only other thing I could think of would be that the water is a little harder since the PH is higher, but I can't really do anything about that. I treat the water for chlorine every time I do partial water changes. Let me know what you think.

It to do with the tank change, did you use the same gravel and filter ect, I would keep testing the water daily, it may be that any problem has yet to show up, you could do small partical water changes every other day( not large ones ), it is true that parrots take time to adjust to moves but i would expect this to take the form of hiding or not eating, suspect the water,the PH shouldn't matter too much, parrots can deal with a wide range of PH levels, only do a large water change if your fish takes a turn for the worse, peas are always a good thing and wont do any harm at all and wont cause him to stay on the bottom, its usually the water that causes this

Hi Pita,

When you say your readings are okay, does that mean your ammonia and nitrites are both zero? Nitrates should be around 20. Ammonia is always toxic to fish. But, the higher the ph the more toxic the ammonia becomes. If you have just a trace of ammonia in your tank, it will be much more toxic to your fish now that you have it at a higher ph. It's crucial that you keep the ammonia and nitrites at zero.

Also, how is your aeration? Ammonia depletes the oxygen in the water. If there is any ammonia in the tank, it would be a good idea to add extra aeration until the ammonia is reading zero.

I added an air pump today to create more aeration in the tank, hopefully that will help. I will keep checking the ammonia reading but it keeps saying that it is a safe level. I also did a small partial water change today. I will keep you posted on his progress. My other BP is acting completely normal so he must just be more sensitive. Thanks for your help!