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What fish get along with Blood Parrot Cichlids?

My baby brother wants new fishes for his birthday on September 8th, and I was wondering what fish get along well with my Blood Parrot Cichlids? I currently have 7 cichlids. They're not aggressive towards each other.  


why not get him his very own tank, a little cold water starter tank,they come with everything in and are inexpensive,that way he gets something to open on the day, can go and pick a special fish and learns how to look after him,and can most likely have him in his room,

Do u want to get him a new tank or would you like to introduce more fishes in your tank?

Whats your tank size?

My tank can hold up to 30 gallons of water. I would like to introduce new fishes into the tank. I'm thinking of buying two peppered corydoras.

30 gallons for 7 cichlids including at least 1 BP is already too overcrowded. if you have the money, you might just want to give ur brother the 30 gallon and get an upgrade for yourself. if you keep the 7 cichlids in a 30 gallon for too long it could permanently stunt their growth. im curious to know what ur full stock list is?

one parrot needs 30 galls alone, each parrot added needs another 10 galls, to keep them healthy

I would also suggest d same. Upgrade your tank. Althou corydoras don't need much space.

But 7 cichlids in a 30 gal is 2 much. Would like 2 know what all u have.

I've decided to buy a new 150 gallon tank. I'm moving five to the 150, and keeping two of my smaller cichlids in the 30 gallon. I only have the seven cichlids.

Which cichlids do you have?

7 Blood Parrot Cichlids.

Great. All r bps. Do add a school of corydoras in both d tanks. Can you please post some pics of your 30 gall tank?