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Parrot suddenly swimming upside down


I have had my parrot for over 2 years now.  It has always been very active.
For some reason the last week or so it has continually styed hiding and upside down.
The water condition is good and the other fish in the tank are fine. Yesterday i took the hiding bbox out to see how it behaves. It now dangles upside down at the top of the fish tank. Feeding time it will eat but not as much as before. What could be this weird behaviour?



Possibly swim bladder problems. You could try to feed your bp frozen and peeled peas and see if that could help if there is any constipation causing blockage.

Hi Majed,

Sorry to hear your little guy isn't doing well.

It does sound like a swim bladder problem. I would stop feeding the fish anything but thawed, shelled, and cut up peas until the problem is resolved. BP's get swim bladder problems for several different reasons; constipation pressing on the bladder, gulping air at the surface, or bacterial infections. Bacterial infections are more rare.

BP's seem to be predisposed to impactions with food, which in turn clogs up the pneumocystic duct, which does not allow the swimbladder to inflate and deflate properly. Overfeeding/constipation are normally the cause. Also, fish that gulp air at the water's surface when feeding can have swimbladder problems. The treatment is to withhold feeding for 24-72 hours, feed only the thawed, shelled, frozen peas and see if the constipation corrects itself. If you see him going to the bathroom, that's a good sign.

I feed my BP's the peas twice a week and none of them have ever had the swimbladder problem. One of the other things I do is feed them a flake food that sinks rather quickly so that they may eat it in the middle of the aquarium rather than at the surface which may cause them to gulp air.

Hope he's better soon:)

i have had my 3 parrot cichlids for about a year and a half going on 2 very soon and before i had a 20 gallon take were the 3 of them lived as well as a algae sucker and for the longest time they would lie on there sides or lay upside down but at night they would swim around. i guess they weren't used to me then but early this summer i got 20 gallon tank and now they are always swimming and also they r used to me

so im guessing ur problem might be that u hav a small tank or to much in ur tank or maby he is not used to u yet