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my blue parrot turned burnt orange

I am a new parent to my Parrot Chiclids. Back in July, I bought is a beautiful deep orange with white dots on the fins. The other was advertised as a Blue Parrot Fish. About a month after moved them into their new home, the blue fish started fading! This fish actually turned white!! I feel like I got suckered!! :(
After a couple weeks, it started turning a light orange color.Now my "blue parrot" is now a burnt orange color. Needless to say, it is not very attractive at this point. Has this ever happened to anyone else or have you heard of this before?
Both fish are healthy and good eaters.

Another question, can i put any other type of fish in the tank with them? Currently, I have 1 pleco in the tank with them.


Breeders often breed BP's to be a very light color so that they may be dyed. It's a very cruel process which causes death in 80% of the fish. That means for every 20 you see at the pet store, 80 have died. Some say that it shortens their lives and compromises their immune systems. BP's only naturally come in colors of red to orange and variation of those colors. Any other colors you see have been dyed. The dye is not permanent and will fade. Then the fish will become it's natural color.

That being said, I've never heard of a fish losing it's color and then turning orange. Maybe he is very young, the dye faded, then he started developing his own natural color which is orange.

He was very small when I bought him. I hope he doesnt get sick from the dye that was once shot in him. I love them both so much.
It is Very cruel that people would do this! I wish there were way to stop it.
Thank you for your help.

That must be what happened. When they're young they don't have any color, kind of gray looking. They develop color as they get older. He could still turn a pretty orange color as he ages.

Isn't it funny how we all love our fish so much. I never would have dreamed I would care so much for a fish. lol!!

Your little fish must be tough. I'm sure he'll be fine:)

this is very, very, common, parrots are grey with stripes when young and change colour over months to a orange (or shades of orange) so if you have a fish that is not that colour, it has most likely been died, also i would suspect that your orange with white spots has been lasered or tattooed , normal parrots do not have spots,(although just to confuse things,the best quality parrots are also sold as purple parrots but are not dyed, just the best grade deep red,) so many new owners post on here worried that their fish are ill, breeders dont usually bother with selective breeding to get pale parrots, the usual way is to dip them into acid which removes their protective slime coats then dye them, when tattooing fish the equivalent to a human being injected with a needle the size of a pencil, is use and needs approx 200 injections, thousands of fish don't survive these processes and never make it to the shops,you can see love parrots (which have hearts tattooed on them) and lipstick parrots which have their mouths tattooed, many owners are completely unaware of this when they buy them and these people usually make the best activists against the practice once they start looking into what is going on, unfortunately those that do may have a shortened life, there are petitions all over the net against it as it applies to many fish,not just parrots, and koltons aquarium has an online petition too, practical fish keeping site can supply you with those LFS who have certificates guaranteeing their fish are free from dye, some breeders have told members on this site that their green parrot has been fed green food to get the colour, they are lying!!!!love your fish no matter how insipid its colour,the only way to stop this is to not buy dyed fish, sign the on line petitions which will in turn put pressure on the governments and spread awareness by challenging publicly whose businesses who continue to stock them, this is my favorite pet hate

I bought 2 parrot fish that were blue.. now i have one orange one and a dead one which you could clearly see was dyed as the dye was inside its body.. i was very upset and when i mentioned it to the shop he said it wasnt dyed as they dont deal with people who do that... the orange one is now perfectly happy with its seven other friends all of which are all orange .. Some of my parrots have black makings on them which have been there since they were the size of a ten pence piece is this normal,, they are about 3 inches now..