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Shy Blood Parrot Cichlid's, are they feeding?

I just bought a lovely male/female pair of Blood Parrot Cichlid's for my new tank at the weekend, they are fantastic to look at but ridiculously shy... i only have to stand up and they retreat behind my bogwood and plants.

The petshop i bought them from told me to buy a particular kind of pellet food for them to eat that floats however when i lift the lid they hide away and by the time they come out again most of the food has been sucked away by my small shoal of Neon Tetra's.

Im worried they are not eating and will become unwell, any advice? I was told by the guy in the shop you can eventually train them to feed from your hand but im finding that increasingly difficult to believe.


you just have to give them some time to get used to you. within a week or two they should get less shy and start coming up to the glass and swimming around normally. as for the food, they can eat all types of fish food, mine especially like the frozen blood worms and brine shrimp.

this is absolutly normal, sit by the tank as often as you can and always before feeding time, make all your movements s l o w, it takes a while but they are floating orange piggies and will come out eventually, it can take several weeks, start now by cupping some sinking type food in your hand and just keeping it still,include some shelled thawed frozen peas ,it is very good for them, they are very curious too

Thank you both for your responses i moved a stool next to the tank last night to watch tv and after a while they were swimming around so hopefully they will get used to me.

great, once they associate you with food, they will come and dance at the front to be fed

mine eat out of my hand all the time even when I'm just working in the tank they come up looking for food

mine used to eat out of my hand when they were smaller, now they just try to eat my hand!!!

I have had my BPC for a little over a week now and up until 2 nights ago it was really shy and I was concerned it was not getting enough food. I was at the local pet store and decided to pick up a few Jewel Cichlids to add to my tank and while I was there I grabbed frozen brine shrimp cubes... it took me a matter of minutes to get my Blood Parrot to eat right out of my hand. Help it to the opening in the hide and he came right out. I have started doing the same exact thing during feeding time and tonight I was able to get him to the top of the tank eating out of my hand and the two Jewels realized I was not a threat and they jumped in on the action.

Key is Patience and more importantly... good food!

I will continue to hand feed him and the other cichlids often to get them used to me. I have a tank with 2 Bala Sharks, 2 Mollies, 2 Platys, 2 silver dollar tetras and now the cichlids.. I know that this is only a temporary home for some, but I am going to enjoy them all in this tank for the time being and add a 150 gallon to my collection after the 1st of the year for the sharks and a 90 for the cichlids.

hi,, we just bought 2 parrots,,they were fine the first day,hid a little came out some hid a little,,now the next day they wont come out of the pagoda,,hideing in the very top of it,,cant see them at all..whould i remove the pagoda and make them come out?  they havent ate yet either.. thanks