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Can I put a Jack Dempsey Cichlid in with my BP?

I have 1 BP in a 45 gallon tank. Wanted to get him a friend, i wanted another BP but my husband would rather have variety. So we were considering a Jack Dempsey - the LFS has some - they aren't the cool blue ones but they are pretty. Any chance these 2 could be friends?



BTW, this is my second parrot. My first one (in my pic) died of a bacterial infection :-( and I have had the new one about a month. He is about 4 inches long. We would try to get a JD about the same size, I assume...

is your parrot male or female? if you buy an electric blue jd, they are very sensitive to intestinal parasites and you should look for one above 3 inches. they are expensive even at 1 inch but it is worth the extra money because alot of juvies die before 3 inches. after 3 inches, they are just as hardy as a regular jd. they are not aggressive at all. jd are not that aggressive but ebjd are real sissys. you would have to worry more about the parrot stressing the ebjd than the other way around.

Dunno if my BP is a male or female - haven't tried to figure it out yet, and it's still a little shy. Decided against the Jack, anyhow - convinced my husband the tank was too small for a BP and a Jack.

It seems to be the case that for everyone who has a JD and BP existing happily together, there is another one who has lost their BP through fighting, so I guess its down to the individual fish personality, what about a severum, I know these get along(mostly)

Having lost my first BP, I am loathe to put my new one at any risk!

On one site ive read that parrot fish have killed a sevrum so that is a bad idea

wrong, severums are one of the few large cichlids who are recommended tankmates for paarrots

that is right that it isa bad idea

enter blood parrot into any fish compatibility site and severum is amongst the compatible list

do what you whant to do but other peole have tried it and lost there severums

your tank is too small for a jd and a parrot. they can coexist but both fish need about half a 55 minimum to call there own. if you get a jd, buy one quite a bit smaller than your parrot so it is raised to be afraid of your parrot. keep your tank temp below 80 degrees to reduce aggression and make sure that here are many hiding areas and plants in the tank. i have 2 jd in with my parrot in a 100 gallon and i don't have serious aggression problems. in a 45, you will have a different experience. i put a 3 inch jd in a 29 with a 3 inch flowerhorn. the jd nearly killed the flowerhorn and had never shown any aggression before in the larger tank. jds can be kept in a 29 by themselves but they make it THEIR tank. i would suggest getting a 75, or larger, if you want to try this mix.

Thx. Not going to do it.

Youshould get a bigger tankbe cause jds can get up to 15inches

Thanks. Decided not to get the JD.

Having ruled out the Jack, can I add one more BP? If so, should I add one the same size, or smaller? I don't mind if he is an "only fish" but I think having 2 would be more fun than 1. Do they prefer having tankmates?

(I know I can probably find this info by searching, but when I search I find SO MANY posts, and I think this is an easy question to answer for you experts!) I have lots of "community fish" experience, but very little cichlid experience.


another BP would be perfect in a 45 gallon in my opinion. i have 2 in a 30 gallon and they're doing great and get along fine. ill need to get them a bigger tank eventually but they have plenty of space right now. the second BP i got was slightly smaller but as long as there isnt too much of a size difference they should be ok.

fine, try to get the same size more or less,you can also add a few dither fish at the same time, this will help the newcomer to settle in,as your first BP will be busy chasing them about, plus you will then have some variety, blue or yellowfinned congos are nice as are some corys

try a fire mouth cichlid i have read that they getalong real well