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Gallery test

Hi all, I'm testing a new Gallery concept based on Flickr.

If you want to participate in this test, here's what you do.

  1. Get a flickr account (
  2. Create a set of photos containing your fish photos.
  3. Go to the first page of the set - the one that shows all the photos at once.
  4. The URL will contain a long number. For example my fish set URL is:
    The number for that set is 72157616877710034
    Copy the number from your set's URL and save it in a text file. This is your set's number.
  5. Come back to this page and click HERE. This will create your gallery page.
  6. Name the page with your username. In the body of the page, paste this:

    Replace the long number in the line above with your set's number.

  7. Click "Input format" just below the "Body" text-box. Select "Flickr".
  8. Click SAVE button.
  9. You may make as many set pages for yourself as you like.